Episode 4138

Australian Air Date: 8th March 2006
Writer: Sarah Walker
Director: Mark Piper

The Hunter family are left devastated by Amanda’s cruel deception. Robbie and Tasha continue to grow closer. Dan and Leah acknowledge the end of their marriage.

Extended Summary

The Hunter’s are completely outraged that Graham has left everything to Amanda in his Will – what was he thinking? Amanda pretends to be as stunned as they are. Kit and Beth let Amanda have it – they won’t take this lying down! Beth wants her father’s war medals, but Amanda won’t have a bar of it. Things start to get out of control when Tony and breaks up the chaos… Once at home, Beth contacts Morag to see what they can legally do about this mess. Morag points out that this is what Graham wanted according to his Will and it would be near impossible to prove if Amanda had orchestrated this. Beth can’t understand it – Graham always said he would leave his war medals to the boys. She is convinced Amanda has changed the Will… Robbie can’t handle to watch what is unfolding around him and he flees from the scene leaving the others bemused – what’s wrong with Robbie? Beth tries to get in contact with Robbie, but he’s not answering his phone… Furious, Beth heads to Amanda’s place and pushes her way past her in search for her father’s war medals. A heated confrontation ensues with Amanda threatening to call the police. Once again, Tony breaks up the feuding women, leaving a rattled Amanda…

Tasha finds Robbie, over come with guilt and anger, slumped at the waters edge. He fights back the tears as he tells her of Amanda getting everything from Graham’s Will. Robbie feels he turned the machine off for nothing – his memory won’t be honoured now this cow has scored the lot! Tasha takes Robbie to the Surf Club, continuing to console him. They share a smile – but the moment is broken by the arrival of Josh. Robbie gets fired up and accuses him of being behind it all – Josh pretends to have no idea what Robbie is on about… Robbie makes ts seethingly clear that he won’t let Josh get away with this!

Tony attempts to reason with Amanda, asking her to see the reality of the pain Beth is experiencing as a grieving daughter – the war medals would mean a great deal to her. Amanda is reluctant to listen, but Tony has given her food for thought, she is left wondering… Later that day an unmarked package is brought in by Matilda – she hands it to Beth. She un-wraps the packaging to reveal Graham’s war medals. Beth can hardly believe her eyes!

Josh contacts the Project 56 backers who were hassling them for the cash – everything has changed now Amanda has Graham’s money! It’s full steam ahead! Amanda walks in smugly – she changed the date on the Will to after the date of the post nuptial and got the lot. They kiss passionately, their evil plan back on track! Josh and Amanda discuss the transfer of funds into Tiverson and the council letters to be sent out about the compulsory acquisition of property. Things are really moving now and the evil duo will soon be rich, rich, rich!

Meanwhile Leah, Dan and the boys have returned home from their trip to the city. The tension between Leah and Dan is obvious… The marriage is clearly on the rocks… They both try to break the silences with chatter, but the silences keep falling. Leah decides to head out for a walk, and as she moves off Dan’s face falls. Leah confides in Irene that since the baby died she and Dan have been drifting further apart every day – there have been so many issues between them – the gambling, Dan’s lies, her feelings for Peter, all of this and the death of the baby (which was the glue that was keeping them together) – it’s just too much. Leah doesn’t know if she and Dan can find their way back… The next morning Dan and Leah cannot tip toe around the tension any longer. They both know the conversation that needs to take place… They both say they love one another, but Dan acknowledges that it’s not enough anymore as the tears begin to fall. A sad image of the end of a marriage…

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