Episode 4139

Australian Air Date: 9th March 2006
Writer: Sarah Walker
Director: Mark Piper

Jack catches out Peter and edges closer to discovering the truth. Rachel buckles under the pressure of Helpman’s torment. Leah and Dan struggle to adapt in the wake of their painful separation.

Extended Summary

Early morning – Peter is the only one at the police station when Malcolm, an ‘old colleague’ of his, arrives with an envelope. Malcolm is curious as to why he was needed for this mission – Peter’s a cop, can’t he get this stuff himself? Peter assures Malcolm that this is none of his business. There is the definite sense that something dodgy is taking place here… Jack arrives at the station and overhears part of the conversation. Later that day Jack is working at his desk when Harper dumps a pile of missing person files for him to sort into the data base. Peter wanders out looking worse for wear – he says he pulled an all nighter and got plenty done without any interruptions as he was alone… Jack knows this is a blatant lie and wonders what Peter is up to. Jack continues to work on the missing persons files and comes across a case which hasn’t been followed up in a long time. As soon as Jack mentions the name, Peter looks up and clocks it. Harper tells Jack to chase up the case with HQ. Later that day Jack cannot find the missing person file anywhere – Peter admits that he has taken it and tells Jack that there is no need to chase it as she had been located and is now living overseas. Jack accepts this, despite it being another blatant lie!

A call from the hospital comes through – a complaint that patients files are missing – autopsy reports, dental records… Peter and Jack go to the hospital to investigate. Peter decides to chase up surveillance tapes from last night to see if he can find anyone looking suspicious, but tells Jack that he didn’t find a thing on them. Nurse Julie drops in that afternoon and hands Jack surveillance photos – he immediately recognises the guy taking the files as Malcolm who he saw visiting Peter! Jack is looking at the photo when Peter arrives. Jack mentions that Julie dropped in and shows Peter the photo – Jack asks if he knows the guy and Peter says he doesn’t. Jack calls him on it and Peter realises he is onto him. He tears strips off Jack – stay out of it or I will ruin your career! Jack is onto something big…

Dan moves into a caravan and tells Sally about the separation from Leah. Sally can’t believe it! His disappointment is very real and he’s not happy with his brother either… He can’t believe Peter kissed Leah! Sally pulls Dan into a hug and it’s just what poor Dan needs. Later that day, he visits Peter. Dan lets him know that he and Leah have separated and hopes Peter is satisfied now that he has ruined another marriage for him. Peter tries to talk to his brother – but Dan calmly turns away and walks out. Sally drops in to visit Leah and tells her about Dan’s anger toward Peter – Leah thinks the baby played a much bigger part in their break up than she initially realised. The baby became the glue that held them together and once that was gone they both realised there was nothing more between them… The conversation is interrupted by a knock at the door – it’s Peter! He wants to check on Leah having heard about the separation from Dan – she rips into him and tells him to get out of their lives after all that has happened – he backs off…

Rachel has been nominated for the same award as her father and finds out the results today – Leah is really excited for her. Rachel isn’t too thrilled when she receives a bunch of flowers, also from Helpman and Leah questions Rachel on her odd behaviour… Rachel insists that everything is fine and pushes herself with her daily run in attempt to clear her head. At work Julie notices that Rachel is tense around Helpman and calls her on it, again Rachel denies that there is an issue. She doesn’t want to rock the boat with the conference coming up so soon and needs Helpman’s recommendation in order to win. He tries to make another move on Rachel but this time she is firm and tells him to stop! He is most apologetic and heads out… Later that day Rachel learns that her recommendation for the award from Helpman wasn’t as glowing as the others and she didn’t get the award. She can’t help but wonder if it was because she told him to stop making advances. How is she going to get herself out of this mess?

That afternoon we see Peter open a padlocked door to an old shed, inside the walls are covered in surveillance photos of locals, maps, house plans and articles. He removes the stolen autopsy reports and other patient info and attaches them to the wall. What the hell is going on?

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