Episode 4109

Australian Air Date: 26th January 2006
Writer: Fiona Bozic
Director: Lewis Fitz-Gerald

Dan learns the truth about Leah’s pregnancy. Sparks fly between Kim and Rachel. Tasha says a final, heartbreaking goodbye to Robbie.

Extended Summary

Tasha wakes from a restless sleep – confused and tormented by the kiss she shared with Jonah the night before… He is concerned about her behaviour… Tasha reveals to Charity that she and Jonah kissed – Charity thinks this is great! But Tasha feels like she has cheated on Robbie! Charity suggests perhaps Tasha needs some closure on her relationship with Robbie… Robbie is stunned to get a visit from Tasha! She wants to talk… Robbie is hopeful, this is it!! Tasha and Robbie go for a walk – he is devastated to hear that Tasha is here to say goodbye to him – it’s over! She gives back the wedding ring and one final kiss – leaving Robbie shattered!! Jonah is relieved to see Tasha return. She explains that she had to say goodbye to everyone and that she wants to spend more time with Jonah. They end in a tight embrace, and another kiss… Beth sits next to Robbie and tries to console him as he is overwhelmed at his loss – this really hurts…

Kim returns home from hospital – everyone is glad to see him. He knows how stupid his behaviour was and he’ll do everything he can to turn things around – in fact, he has his first appointment with a psychiatrist at the hospital this morning. Hyde is pleased to hear it. Rachel spots a hunk getting out of the surf on her way to work – who’s that??! Leah laughs, it’s Kim! Rachel can’t believe it – she steals another look and smiles to herself… Rachel is surprised to find that Kim is her first appointment – she greets him warmly… Kim and Rachel talk about his drug use during the session and also playfully chat and get to know one another. Rachel tries to reign the session in, back to the ‘serious’ stuff – but it doesn’t work – Kim is having way too much fun! Rachel is too – she can’t deny it…

Things are still awkward between Leah and Peter – Rachel questions her on it – Leah assures her it’s nothing… Rachel is a little nervous about starting work tomorrow, but looking forward to it. Sally arrives and asks if Leah can mind Pippa today so she can take Flynn out of the house for lunch – he’s been stuck inside for days, poor guy. Leah agrees. Sally can see Leah isn’t herself… Leah talks to Sally about the separation from Dan and how she can’t forget about the betrayal – Sally wonders if she will ever change her mind? Leah isn’t sure… Sally asks if there is anything else going on – Leah decides not to reveal her pregnancy to Sally. Things aren’t looking good for Dan.

Dan asks Leah out on a date – she is reluctant, but agrees when Peter walks in and feels guilty. Dan is thrilled – has Leah made the right decision? Peter is flat when he hears of their date… Dan borrows Peter’s key to Leah’s to set up the date – Peter is finding this really hard but supports his brother wishing him luck… He truly means it, but wants Leah for himself… Dan arrives, all dressed up, to pick up Leah for their date – she is curious – where are they going? Dan presents Leah with a carpet picnic at her house – just like their first date. She is resistant as he cracks open a bottle of bubbly… Will Dan get through to Leah? Dan sees Leah’s message for her ultrasound appointment – what?! What is Leah going to say Dan?

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