Episode 4108

Australian Air Date: 25th January 2006
Writer: Sarah Walker
Director: Lewis Fitz-Gerald

Robbie tries to convince the police that Jonah has committed murder to protect his secret. Amanda and Josh’s adulterous affair heats up.

Extended Summary

Robbie is convinced that The Believers have discovered Rebecca was in town and have done something to her. He is frantic now and insists that Jack do something to follow it up… Jack agrees and takes Constable Rice with him to The Farm. The Believers are curious – none more than Tasha. Jack shows a warrant to search the premises explaining he has reason to believe that a missing girl may be on the grounds. Mumma Rose thinks this is all ludicrous! Tasha watches it all unfold, taken aback… Jonah is on edge as Jack searches the area where he washed his bloodied hands – and is relieved when Jack doesn’t notice anything… Tasha asks if Robbie made the allegations – Jack’s hesitation is enough to convince her it was. Jack and Rice move off – Phew for Jonah!

Mumma Rose congratulates Jonah on a job well done dealing with Rebecca… She then pushes for Jonah to speed things up a bit with Tasha, or Mumma Rose will get involved… Robbie is ropable that Jack didn’t find any evidence at The Farm – he goes off at Jack saying he mustn’t have looked hard enough! Jack is furious – he put his neck out for Robbie! Later Robbie apologises to Jack and Martha for his outburst. As they are accepting his apology, Matilda runs in with a letter – it’s from Rebecca saying she’s taken off. Martha sees it is the same handwriting as the previous letter – it must be her. Robbie wonders if The Believers had anything to do with it…

Jonah is scribing a note, it’s the same handwriting as in the letter from Rebecca! As Tasha enters, he quickly hides it… and changes the topic to reveal his attraction to Tasha – he doesn’t want to pressure her so soon after Robbie, but wanted to be honest with her about his feelings. Tasha is stunned, what should she do? Later that day after gardening, Jonah kindly wipes some dirt from Tasha’s face, their eyes lock – he moves in for a kiss… Mumma Rose is outside smiling to herself as Tasha falls deeper into the trap!!

Amanda awakes to find herself still in Josh’s office, their clothes strewn everywhere. She panics, realising that Graham will be wondering where she got to! As Amanda sneaks into the house, Graham catches her – where have you been? She gives him a story about going to the bank to discuss her business account… He’s pleased to hear it… Her acting skills saving her once more!

Still in hospital after her accident, Morag wants to know if she can leave – Dr Young says no. She wants to question Graham! Morag gets worked up talking to Alf about it all – he agrees with the Doctor – stay here and rest. As Alf moves off, Morag goes straight for the buzzer… Morag bangs on Graham’s door demanding to speak with Amanda. He lies saying she isn’t home. Morag asks him questions – he lets it slip that Amanda did pop out to get dinner that night. Graham is flustered as Amanda appears and tells Morag to leave now! Alf is shocked when he gets a call from the hospital notifying him that Morag has been discharged, what the hell is my sister thinking?! He tracks her down and orders her back to hospital – she’ll do no such thing! Morag makes her way to find Josh, and flares at the sight of him at the Surf Club bar. Morag accuses him of trying to kill her! She makes a complete spectacle of herself and makes wild accusations at the top of her lungs! Josh smiles to himself – there is no way anyone will believe this lunatic now! Alf calms Morag down with a stiff drink… He’s had enough. She’s taken things too far this time… Morag convinces Alf that she will step back and stop this nonsense. Little does Alf know…