Episode 4110

Australian Air Date: 27th January 2006
Writer: John Hanlon
Director: Lewis Fitz-Gerald

Unaware that Leah’s agreed to give her marriage to Dan another chance, Peter declares his love for her. Ric attempts to solve the of the mystery of the hooded figure seen living in the bush.

Extended Summary

Hyde asks Kim how his first counselling session went and is surprised to hear that the psychiatrist is Rachel – the woman who saved Kim’s life! Kim quizzes Hyde about her – this Rachel has made quite an impression! At the Surf Club, Kim is enjoying a quiet beer when Rachel walks in. He asks her to join him for a drink – she hesitates, then takes a seat beside him. The fun between them starts up again… They get to know each other more, but Rachel gets very uncomfortable when Kim starts to get a bit too flirty with her. She backs off and leaves. Kim is left confused…

Rachel reveals to Leah that she thinks Kim is interested in her. Surprised, Leah asks Rachel how she is going to handle it? She will have behave more professionally from now on. Do you like him? Of course not! Is Rachel being honest with herself? Kim’s second session with Rachel is much different from the first. She is being overly strict and doesn’t buy into his fun banter like last time. He teases her, but she won’t budge. Kim wonders – what’s with Rachel? She pushes Kim to talk about what led him to use drugs – he opens a little, but closes up about the rejection he feels from Hayley. Happy with Kim’s progress, Rachel ends the session. She lets Kim out – he asks if he did something wrong… Rachel assures him he didn’t and that they need to take these sessions seriously, she was too relaxed about it before…

Matilda convinces Cassie and Ric to help her and Lucas find injured animals in the bush after the cyclone. Trudging through the bush, they find a jumper. Ric looks in a pocket and finds a picture of a glamorous woman in the sixties – weird… They then find food cans and a fireplace. Ric finds a sleeping bag and some clothes – whose are they? Ric wants to wait around and find out who it is… Cassie and Matilda want to get going – it’s cold and the mozzies are biting! Ric refuses to budge, as Matilda and Cassie head home. Ric stays, looking at the photo – who is this mystery person? As night begins to fall, Ric starts to nod off. He wakes to a noise – someone takes the items near Ric and then run away. Ric chases after them, calling out that he wants to help, but he looses them. What the hell is going on?

Dan is in shock after discovering that Leah is pregnant. He wants to know why Leah didn’t tell him, she says was distressed and didn’t know what to do. What does that mean for them as a couple? He thinks they should be together for their baby. Leah will think about it, but she is doubting how she feels about the whole situation – what will she do? Later Rachel comes home to find Leah looking at the wedding photo of the happy couple – Leah and Dan. Leah breaks down in tears. Rachel holds her tight… Leah admits to Rachel that she could be falling out of love with Dan…but she’s pregnant with his child – What will she do? Dan drops by to Summer Bay House – Sally asks how the big date with Leah went. He admits things didn’t start well but that he thinks it will work out between them after all – Dan is hopeful… Is he too late? Later that day Sally visits Leah. Sally can’t stop thinking how hard it will be for Baby Pippa when Flynn dies – she’ll never really know her Dad. This heartfelt moment strikes a cord for Leah. She calls Dan. Leah tells Dan about her chat with Sally and that she doesn’t want their child growing up not knowing its Dad. Dan is thrilled – Leah agrees that Dan should move back home. It’s awkward, but a good start. That night Leah answers the door – It’s Superintendent Murphy! He wants to see Peter. Leah thinks he has a nerve showing up here considering what he did to Peter with his affair with Clare! Murphy can’t believe what he’s hearing – that is completely untrue – there was never an affair! Peter dumped Clare and took off to the Bay! Confused about Murphy’s visit, Leah confronts Peter about Murphy’s side of the story. Peter admits that he lied…with good reason. When he was in the city, he had to break it off with Clare because he couldn’t stop thinking about a special someone. That woman is Leah. He professes his love for her!

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