Episode 3860

Australian Air Date: 12th November 2004

We say goodbye to a Summer Bay favourite. Will Kirsty’s attempt to help her sister backfire? Scott and Dani are at breaking point. Tasha tries to play match-maker.

Final episode. Left the Bay after realising that Scott’s lifestyle lay in the way of her writing ambitions.
Return appearance, last seen in Episode #3856. Visited the Bay on Dani’s insistence to declare his true feelings for her.

Extended Summary

Scott and Dani still love each other, but they are struggling to hold on to their relationship. Dani doesn’t want to give up the manuscript just because of Scott’s insecurities. Scott is hoping his ultimatum will shock her into snapping out of her egocentric ways and seeing someone else’s point of view for a change. Dani has summoned Stafford to the Bay to find out where he stands. He’s as smooth as ever and reassures her he has a genuine interest in the manuscript. But he admits he’s very attracted to her. He thinks she’s too good for this hick town and for Scott. Her future lies elsewhere.

Later Scott overhears Dani telling Kirsty that she’s not sure if she still loves him. Part of her agrees with Stafford – maybe she does deserve better. She goes on to say that her and Scott’s love is not as wonderful as the love Kirsty and Kane have. Scott is devastated to hear this and storms out leaving Dani upset and confused.


Alf is lost as to how to move forward with Dalby and is terrified he’ll screw things up. He turns to Sally and Flynn for help and tells them everything. After seeing Dalby in hospital Flynn tells Alf that the boy is scared and closing down. Alf should get Morag to talk to him. He will be facing manslaughter charges and needs representation. Besides, Morag will be able to set aside some of the Dalby’s anxieties and hopefully assess where his head is at.

Sally later reassures Jesse that she and Flynn are fine with him dropping out of being Pippa’s godfather. With Leah and Josie coming to the christening, it will be an emotionally complex situation for him – she hopes he’ll still come. He says of course he’ll be there and he’ll be fine. But Sally can see he still has strong feelings for Josie.

Tasha is convinced Josie and Jesse should reconcile and she’s been trying to change Josie’s mind. But Josie’s adamant she and Jesse are now nothing more than business partners.

Scott returns home to find Dani has packed a bag. Despite this she says she still thinks they can work things out. Scott is devastated that Dani thinks their relationship is lesser than the relationship between her sister and the man who raped her. He gives her one last chance – give up the book and put their relationship first, or it’s over! She makes her decision – she can’t give up the book. He tells her to leave.


As she goes she turns and says she loves him. But Scott’s convinced she loves only one person – herself. And that will always be her problem. She leaves. Both of them are shattered by what’s happened, but there is no turning back. She walks out of his life and away from Summer Bay, forever.