Episode 3861

Australian Air Date: 15th November 2004

Robbie and Tasha split up. Scott falls apart. Dalby and Flynn go head to head.

Return episode, last seen in Episode #3833. Awoke from his coma to divulge to Leah his knowledge on Vinnie.

> New Opening Credits: Sally & Flynn holding camera; Hayley with Leah holding a frame; Robbie, Kim and Tasha hugging; Kirsty and Kane holding balloon; Dan and Scott holding surf boards; Henry with Beth as Matilda snatches his basketball; Alf laughing as Colleen & Irene look on; Josie and Jesse hugging.

Extended Summary

It’s the day after the break-up and Scott is in a deep depression. He’s refusing to leave his room. Beth says she’s going to wait downstairs until he’s ready. When he finally comes down he nearly cries in front of her. He asks her to leave and she complies, not wanting to embarrass him further. When she’s gone he takes out a bottle of Scotch and starts drinking – seeking oblivion in the bottle.

The Hunter kids think there must be a destructive streak in the Sutherland family. First Rhys dumps Beth, and then Dani destroys Scott. Matilda’s going to give Kane and Kirsty a piece of her mind when Tasha steps in. Kirsty tells Robbie and Tasha that from what she saw yesterday, the break-up had been on the cards for a while.

Alf has asked Morag to offer her legal services to Dalby for free – as a means of checking out what state he’s in, and what kind of Grandson he’d make. Flynn tells her Dalby’s got a punctured lung from the beating he sustained, he’s up for manslaughter, and he has no money. Morag is unmoved. She’s only doing this for Alf. Dalby is suspicious of her motives, but says if she’s got nothing better to do – go for it. After the spiteful encounter, Morag tells Alf her advice is to stay as far away from the boy as possible; he’s a nasty piece of work.


Flynn finds a pensive Kane scared to go back into chemo. Flynn gives him a pep-talk and walks him to the room, only to be assailed by Dalby demanding to know why he leaned on Morag to help him. Flynn has an intense chat with him, showing him the kind of closeness he hasn’t experienced in a long time. By the end of it, we sense that Flynn may have made a breakthrough.

Kirsty tries to offer a drunken Scott help but he orders her out of the Palace. A shaken Kirsty goes to the hospital to meet Kane. She asks him to hold her. “Never leave me,” she says. “As if,” replies Kane. It’s a beautiful and spontaneous expression of love.

Colleen makes a comment about Dalby that infuriates Alf. He roars her out. She’s so overcome that Leah tells her to take a break. At the beach she sees Scott nearly get run over by a car and then throw himself full-clothed into the surf. Colleen follows him into the water and comforts him. He cries his heart out. Back at the house, an empty Scott tells Beth that Dani’s ego killed their relationship. For him, Dani doesn’t exist anymore. This is part of the healing process for Scott – but the spectre of Dani will loom large over his life for a long time to come.

Matilda has come up with a hare-brained scheme to stop Beth from falling for Hyde. She’s going to turn Beth off men forever by convincing her that relationships are destructive. First there was Beth and Rhys, then Dani and Scott, and now…Robbie and Tasha! She wants them to fake their own separation. She thinks it will be the last straw for Beth. Tasha agrees to it! She’s going to use it for another reason – to get Jesse and Josie back together. Robbie thinks the world’s gone mad.

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