Episode 3281

Australian Air Date: 20th May 2002

Kirsty lashes out at her family. There’s a growing distance between Paris and Irene.

Return one-off appearance, last seen in Episode #2855. Appeared on a special video for Sally arranged by Flynn.

Extended Summary

Paris has received a note from the Department of Education. He’ll be moving to another school in three weeks, and Fisher will be taking back his old position as principal of Summer Bay High. While this is great news for Fisher, how is Irene going to cope – the growing attraction between her and Paris could make things complicated.

The Sutherland family is at breaking point. Kirsty has blown up at her parents, and Rhys and Shelley are heartbroken. No-one seems to know how to handle Kirsty at the moment.

It was Flynn’s thirtieth birthday, and rather than treat himself, he had a surprise for Sally and her family! He gathered Sally, Steven, Carly and Frank at the Fletcher/Nash/Sutherland house and played me a video message from Pippa. How sweet!

Erin Flannery

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