Episode 3215

Australian Air Date: 15th February 2002

Will and Gypsy leave the Bay forever. Dani gets a surprise at the wedding. Jude’s plagued by memories of Shauna.

Final episode.
Final episode.
Final episode.
Return episode, last seen in Episode #1395 played by DAVID DIXON. Visited Irene following his release from jail.
Officiated at Will and Gypsy’s seaside wedding.

> Alf tells Nathan that Tug and Sarah are expecting their second child.

Extended Summary

Gypsy says goodbye to the Will, Irene, Lily and Hayley before going to stay with Sally for the night before her wedding.

Jade is excited about going to the wedding tomorrow, though Shelley tells her the only reason she is getting to go is because she is Nick’s girlfriend. Dani walks back into the house. She informs Jade and Shelley that she missed Josh leaving. It’s another “Dani Sutherland stuff-up”.

Irene talks to Will about tomorrow’s wedding. Irene tells Will that taking him in was one of the best things she ever did. In the middle of the night, Will runs out of his bedroom and is sick in the bathroom. Nick hears the kerfuffle and comes out armed with a baseball bat and a teddy bear. The next morning Will has stopped being sick. Jade comes around to see Nick and asks Will if he’s been eating Max’s pies. Will says that he will make Max eat every single pie if he catches him. Hayley goes around to Sally’s and Irene goes out to collect Nathan.

Vinnie and Alf are driving along a road. They see Nathan Roberts sitting on a bench.

Sally, Hayley, Charlotte and Gypsy get ready for the wedding.

Irene apologises to Nathan for being late and helps him get his stuff in the boot of the car.

Irene and Nathan arrive back at the Beach House. Will tells Nick that he will go and get the ring. Nick says that he’s already got it before Will tells him that he took the ring back because he wanted to get it engraved. Nick tells Irene and Will about selling his Nintendo. Will suggests that he holds on to the spare ring until Jade needs it.

People are beginning to arrive at the wedding. Colleen is unsure whether she should stand with the Sutherlands or Leah and Vinnie. Jude is slightly uneasy going to wedding so soon after his recent called all wedding to Shauna. When Will and Nick get out their car wearing Hawaiian style shirts. Alf tells her to calm down.

Nathan is alone at the Beach House drinking alcohol.

Gypsy arrives at the wharf. The wedding goes almost without hitch, except when Nick almost loses the ring.

Alf goes over to the Beach House to collect Will and Gypsy’s luggage. He meets Nathan there. The painting Hayley made mid-2001 is smashed on the floor. Nathan asks Alf about Sarah (Nathan had an affair with Sarah in 1994). Alf tells them they’re married and are expecting their second kid.

Josh surprises Dani when he makes an appearance at the wedding working as a waiter. Irene says goodbye to Will and Gypsy

Will and Gypsy wave goodbye to the Bay from the Blaxland. Will, carrying Lily, does some freaking sticky-out tongue thingy.

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