Episode 3014

Australian Air Date: 29th March 2001

Dani finally learns the truth about Brodie’s feelings for Alex. The diner’s new advertising campaign experiences some obstacles. Alex is distraught when Dani dumps him. The twins shun their boyfriends.

First episode. Jade’s ballet friend who suffered from bulimia.
Snobby ballet girl who picked on an out-of-practice Jade.
Jade’s ballet teacher.
Informed Leah and Vinnie of the penalty for advertising the Diner on council property.

Extended Summary

Dani dumped Alex! Basically Dani told Brodie she’s missing Will and kissed Alex to get back at Will. Brodie got huffy and stormed upstairs, so Jade told Dani that Brodie likes Alex. Dani then told Brodie she’d dump Alex. She stood by her word and told him it was over. He was heartbroken and immediately went to Brodie to cry on her shoulder. Brodie said Dani’s pining for Will.
Fisher’s concerned about Brodie and feels she should take some time off. She’s still suffering headaches and is worried about being at the bottom of the class.

Leah’s attempts to promote the Diner aren’t working. After the flyer fiasco, Vinnie and Alex gave posters a go. Of course Murphy’s Law would happen – they ended up with a fine from the police for breaching council bye-laws. Lets hope they can find a way of legal advertising!

Duncan’s been acting weird around Jade. It has something to do with a comment made by Kirsty about him being a goodie-goodie. Basically Duncan told Jade they need Nick and Kirsty back so they can start having fun again. Jade got insulted and walked off, leaving Duncan to confront Kirsty and ask why she doesn’t want to go on single dates with Nick. Duncan changed his tune around Jade and tried to be Mr Cool or something. Now Jade isn’t talking to Duncan, leaving Nick and Duncan to wonder about their futures. At least Jade has her ballet to keep her occupied. She’s gone back after being away from it for a year. Thank goodness Melissa (a girl from school) is there. At least she has someone she knows to practise with.

Erin Flannery

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