Episode 1259

Australian Air Date: 17th June 1993
Writer: Greg Millin
Director: Russell Webb

Greg embarks on an affair with Fiona. Tug refuses to give up on Sarah.

Extended Summary

It starts at the beach house where Tug’s moping around as Bobby prepares the lunch. He tells her about bumping into Sarah and making a fool of himself because he didn’t know what to say. Fisher comes in with Sam and when he sees what Bobby’s preparing, he’d prefer to eat at Fisher’s, so they leave. One can only assume by the silly grins on their faces as they come out of her house, Fiona and Greg have taken their relationship further and they talk about no turning back.
Alf drops a delivery off at the Surf Club and Damian tells him Laura has agreed to train him but he’s in a state because Fin hasn’t arrived to take over from him. Tug comes in and asks Alf if he’s still got the job at the store and is relieved to hear he has. He then persuades Damian to try and arrange a meeting between him and Sarah, so he dashes over to the Diner to talk to her but she’s not interested. As he’s about to dash off for training, Pippa hobbles in and reprimands him for leaving the kiosk and orders him to go back and wait for Fin’s return from Yabbie Creek. He races over to the beach house to tell Tug what Sarah said and Tug blames him for not getting through to her. As he leaves, Greg arrives as Bobby gives Tug his packed lunch, to eat on the way to the store. She asks about the job and he looks guilty, as he makes up a cover story about he movements, but Bobby thinks he’s acting strangely and she looks concerned. Over at Fisher’s, Fiona’s doing the ironing as Fisher’s preparing lunch and Sam starts asking her about why Toby doesn’t have a dad. Fisher tries to intervene but she’s not bothered by his questioning and tells him Toby’s father just doesn’t live with them anymore. He tells her he was like that once until Bobby fostered him and then married his dad and now he’s got both and thinks that one day, the same might happen to her. All she can say to that comment, is maybe.

Back at the Diner Roxy and Sarah are doing the baking for a charity do and Ailsa suggests she help out for another fund raiser, this time for the local refuse but Roxy’s had enough of fund raisers, the last one being the musical fiasco. When Tug comes in with Alf, bringing the deliveries, Sarah doesn’t want to see him but it can’t be avoided. He still thinks Damian got it wrong and when he talks to her about it, she tells him he didn’t and she leaves him devastated. The next delivery takes them to the Ross house and Damian’s still rushing around and getting nowhere fast. Tug apologises to him and but Damian has no time to listen to him rattle on about his lost love and finally gets to go for his training session. Back at the Diner, Sarah talks to Roxy about her decision to finish with Tug and knows it was the right thing to do and hopes they can remain friends in the future. When Roxy says she’s going for a walk, she asks her to join her and tells her she’s thought of someone to do the Fund raising job but won’t tell her, who. When Damian gets to Laura’s place, she’s angry about his lateness and takes it as his not being totally committed. He tries to explain the problems he encountered but she tells him to leave. He goes home and accuses Pippa of stuffing up his chances with Laura but Pippa tells him family and business come first and if Laura can’t accept that, then, that’s her problem. He’s so angry, he dumps his shoes on the floor and goes to his room.

Having just finished lunch, Greg’s off to the Surf Club to do the painting but when Bobby tells him to drop in at the Diner afterwards, he says he’s going over to finish the shelving at Fisher’s place. When she tells him to send her regards to Fiona, he’s taken aback for a moment because of his guilt but she doesn’t pick up on it. Anyway, Roxy and Sarah arrive to talk to Bobby, so Greg leaves them to it. It’s Bobby that Roxy thinks is the ideal candidate to head the Fund raising committee and goes about trying to convince her to do it. Bobby goes down to the Surf Club to talk to Greg about it and the implications it will have on their family life but when he shows no interest in it and gets angry, she can’t understand his reaction. He goes back to work and she returns to the Diner and tells Roxy he wasn’t much help, so she’s decided to do but needs her to help. Tug comes in after finishing his stint at the store and tells her about his meeting with Sarah and he’s gutted about it. Meanwhile, Sarah’s over at the Ross house and boring Damian as she goes on about Tug, so she asks him how his training went and with Pippa within ear-shot, tells her what happened. Sarah tells her he mustn’t give up and keep on at Laura, so he goes over and lays his cards on the table. She’s impressed and agrees to train him. Back at the Diner, Tug’s still unhappy and when he tells Bobby he can never seem to say the right things to Sarah when he sees herm Bobby suggests he write them down in a letter and send it to her.

Greg goes over to Fisher’s to finish off the shelves and Fisher takes Sam off to the library, leaving him alone with Fiona.

It ends when they talk about how awkward it’s getting but despite that, they refuses to give up on each other – the affair is starting to hot up…

Avril M Harrison

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