Episode 966

Australian Air Date: 23rd March 1992
Writer: Alister Webb
Director: Russell Webb

Ryan discovers another way to get to Lou. Simon feels helpless over his father’s predicament.

Extended Summary

Early next morning, Fin is ready to go away on her trip with Randy. Sophie tries to talk her out of it. Fin is determined to go through with it.

Ryan talks to Lucinda in the Diner. He is buying breakfast there and Lucinda serves him.

Alf speaks to Blake on the phone. Meg and Blake are having a good time in Sydney. Simon talks to Blake on the phone and says he will leave by bus on Monday to visit his father.

Simon is convinced his father won’t end up in jail. Later on Nick talked to him about it.

Fin waits outside the surf club for Randy but he doesn’t turn up.

Ryan hears from Lucinda that Sophie should start to respect her baby for the person it will be and not think of it as another David. He talks to Sophie about David.

Fin comes in and says that Randy didn’t turn up. She admits to Sophie that it looks as if Randy really doesn’t care about her. After a while Randy turns up and Fin is like a house on fire again! They leave for the weekend.

Alf hands Simon a letter; it’s from his dad. He reads it at the beach (music plays). His dad doesn’t want Simon to visit him. He talks to Sophie about it. His dad thinks he is better off without him.

Randy and Fin turn up at the place where they are staying for their weekend. Randy meets a lot of his old mates up there. They seem to be a bunch of party animals.

In the evening, they have made a fire on the beach and everyone sits around it. Randy goes to get another beer.

A sleazy guy called Scotty sits next to Fin and seems very interested in her. She feels uncomfortable.

Later on, Randy is very drunk. Fin wants to go home. He won’t hear of it. After a while he falls over and falls to sleep as he is so drunk. The sleazy guy looks at Fin.

Ola Carlsson, 2000

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