Episode 965

Australian Air Date: 20th March 1992
Writer: Greg Millin
Director: Judith John-Story

A naive Fin defies Pippa and Michael. Meg’s third wish becomes the happiest moment of her life.

Randy’s mate who went camping with him and Fin.
Randy’s mate who went camping with him and Fin.

Extended Summary

Blake and Meg arrive at a hotel in Sydney which Alf is paying for (emotional music plays).

Michael and Pippa talk about Sophie. She is worried as to how Sophie will handle it if it turns out that she will have a girl instead of a boy.

Sophie will go to have an ultrasound by herself even though Pippa offered to go with her.

Fin and Randy have problems with Michael’s heavy attitude towards her spending time with Randy.

Blake and Meg have a great time in the hotel by themselves.

Fin, Michael and Pippa argue about Randy. Fin tries to get them to change their minds about her weekend away with Randy. Michael and Pippa won’t let Fin stay away over night no matter how much she goes on about it.

Blake and Meg are having fun in Sydney (a lot of footage is shown while music plays).

Ryan and Lucinda are pretty arrogant to each other.

Lucinda talks to Fisher about it.

Sophie has been to the ultrasound and discovered she will give birth to a girl. Sophie talks to Simon about it. She says she wants her little David and not a girl! Simon tries to cheer her up.

Meg is feeling tired after the day’s events out in the city of Sydney.

Fin tells Randy that she will go with him for the weekend and she will stay until Sunday night even though Pippa and Michael wold not allow her.

Later in the evening, Sophie talks to Pippa and Micheal about the baby. They are concerned as they know that she wanted a boy so much. Sophie cries after a while. She is afraid that she won’t love her baby (emotional music plays). Pippa and Michael talk to her and try to cheer her up.

Meg and Blake have dinner together in Sydney.

Fin tells Pippa and Michael that she will go away for the weekend and stay until Sunday night. Michael and Pippa are very disappointed. Pippa and Michael tell her that if she does that then she can’t live with them anymore. Sophie thinks it is stupid of Fin to go away with Randy for the weekend.

Blake gives Meg a present. It is a ring. He puts it on her finger and kisses her (emotional music plays).

Ola Carlsson, 2000

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