Episode 964

Australian Air Date: 19th March 1992
Writer: Greg Millin
Director: Judith John-Story

Sophie finally agrees to face her fears. Alf offers to pay for Meg’s third wish.

Extended Summary

Alf, Ailsa and Julia speak to Blake and Meg. Julia and Ailsa are OK with their trip away. Alf says no to the whole thing.

Pippa talks to Sophie. She wants Sophie to take another ultrasound to find out if it will be a boy or a girl. Sophie is annoyed about it – she is determined it is a boy.

Blake tells Meg they have to stand up to Alf and not accept that he doesn’t want their trip alone to go ahead.

Bobby, Greg and Sam are over at Fisher’s new house to check it out. Bobby and Lucinda and everyone else decide the sofa is misplaced.

Pippa comes over and checks the house out as well.

When Fisher is out of the living room, everyone moves the sofa to where they want it to be!

Fisher notices it and is annoyed and says they have to move it back.

Blake and Meg explain to Alf that they will go away on the trip anyway. Alf suggests they get married first. Blake and Meg like the idea. They will check it out if it is possible.

Pippa speaks to Lucinda for some help to make Sophie see sense that she might get a girl instead of a boy.

Lucinda goes over and speaks to Sophie. Sophie is listening to classical music since it is supposed to be soothing for the baby. Lou also gives her a present from her parents. She tries to talk sense into Sophie about the sex of the baby. She suggests a second ultrasound. Sophie realises Pippa put her up to this and gets a bit annoyed.

Blake and Meg realise they are too young to be legally married. At least they have tried.

Alf doesn’t like the idea that they should go away alone.

Everyone in Fisher’s succeed in talking Fisher into having the sofa where they wanted it.

Ryan comes over. Nick seems a bit worried.

Blake and Alf speak at the beach. Blake asks questions about Martha. After a while Blake talks about his mum. After a while he makes Alf see that he needs to get away with Meg alone to be able have the strong memories of her when she is dead.

Pippa has a go at Sophie that she might have problems regarding her baby since Sophie is so convinced it is a boy. After a while Sophie agrees to do another ultrasound to get things sorted out.

Ryan speaks to Lucinda in Diner. Lucinda gets a bit annoyed and realises Ryan might be staying in Summer Bay just to hit on her. She makes him realise that she loves Nick and no one else.

Alf tells Blake, Meg, Ailsa and Julia that they can go away alone on their trip. Everyone is very happy

Ola Carlsson, 2000

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