Episode 967

Australian Air Date: 24th March 1992
Writer: Alister Webb
Director: Russell Webb

Fin returns under mysterious circumstances. Nick and Lou plan a romantic interlude.

Extended Summary

Michael and Pippa are up and are worried about Fin. Sophie is up as well.

Michael is determined that Fin should move out if she doesn’t come home tonight without staying away overnight.

A bloke talks to Fin about her boyfriend Randy who is dead drunk. He offers her a lift in his car. She seems grateful but is a bit worried. She decides to go through with it after all.

Pippa and Michael noticed that Fin has not come home in time so she will have to move out. Pippa is having second thoughts about it. Michael is still determined to kick Fin out.

The guy drops Fin off outside the surf club. He offers to drive her home instead but she says she doesn’t have a home and that she can sleep on the beach. He offers her to sleep at his place in Yabbie Creek. She offers him thanks but does not accept his offer.

Fin wakes Bobby up in the middle of the night at the beach house. Greg wakes up too and they are a bit annoyed at Fin for turning up at three o’clock in the morning. They offer to drive her home but she says she can’t go home. Sam is awake as well. Bobby phones Pippa and tells her that Fin is there.

Pippa wants Fin to come home and say that they will talk it over in the morning. Fin doesn’t want to come home. Bobby lets Fin sleep on the couch. Fin feels miserable.

The next morning, Pippa and Michael talk about Fin. Pippa wants to give her a second chance but Michael does not think it is a good idea. Pippa persuades him into giving Fin a second chance.

Bobby shows Fisher a card which she got from Marilyn. Adam and Maz are having a great time on their holiday.

Pippa talks to Fin. They have a bit of a heated discussion. Pippa says they are ready to give her another chance. Fin isn’t interested in that since she isn’t allowed to do what she wants when living with Pippa and Michael.

Fisher and Sam try out Fisher’s dishwasher. Sam is having fun.

After a while the dishwasher liquid starts pouring out of the machine! Fisher has put too much liquid into it! Fisher panics – he opens it and it stops eventually, with foam coming out (funny scene).

Sophie and Fin have a heated argument about Randy.

Ola Carlsson, 2000

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