Episode 959

Australian Air Date: 12th March 1992
Writer: Greg Haddrick
Director: Peter Rawling

Will Sophie lose her baby? Are Ryan’s intentions honourable?

Extended Summary

Michael hurries home when he heard about Sophie’s stomach pains. Alf is waiting in the kitchen at the Rosses’. Sophie is resting in the bed upstairs. Michael, Ailsa and Bobby talk to her. A doctor will arrive soon. Sophie is very worried.

Fisher talks to Lucinda about his missing furniture. He is annoyed.

Nick and Ryan talk. He is worried that Ryan will hang around Summer Bay to get back with Lucinda. Ryan tries to convince Nick that it isn’t true.

Greg and Sam continue to cook Bobby’s dinner. Greg comes up with a crazy idea to use a portable room heater to keep the potatoes cooking hot since they need the oven for the lamb roast and that they need to be in the oven for about 50 minutes longer than the potatoes. Sam comes up with the brilliant idea to have the lamb in the oven first for 50 minutes and then put in the potatoes in the oven with the lamb so they will be ready at the same time.

Bobby phones to see how things are going. Sam tells her that Greg was about to use a room heater to keep the potatoes warm. Bobby tells Alf. They are puzzled.

Sally, Fin, Michael and the others are worried about Sophie. Michael sort of blames Fin for Sophie’s stomach pains since she has given the family some stress lately due to Randy.

Ryan tells Lucinda that Nick thinks he is here to “steal her away from him”. Lucinda is annoyed with Nick.

Fisher continues to try to find his missing furniture. Nick and Lucinda are arguing about Ryan (tense music).

The doctor arrives at the Rosses’ to check on Sophie. She checks Sophie out and finds there is nothing serious wrong with her. It is probably some minor infection. She will be certain after more tests.

Sophie gets antibiotics to treat the infection.

Sophie talks to Ailsa. She was very worried she was about to lose the baby and thereby lose David all over again (emotional music).

Bobby talks to Sophie and Ailsa. The incident with Sophie brought back a few bad memories for Bobby when she lost her baby.

Greg and Sam continue to struggle with their cooking of Bobby’s dinner. Greg has put the potatoes in the sink when he is about to put them in the oven. Greg forgets about them and puts in washing liquid in the sink to start to wash up. Sam tells Greg that the potatoes are in the sink and they realise that the potatoes are ruined now!

Lucinda forgives Nick for being worried that Ryan is here to steal her away from him.

Sophie is feeling better now and talks to Sally, Fin and Michael.

Fisher, Nick and Lucinda are in the Diner talking. Fisher has managed to find his missing furniture which the removal company lost for a while. Ryan comes into Diner and talks to them.

Nick talks to Alf. Nick thinks Ryan won’t cause trouble between him and Lucinda. Alf does not believe that and is sure Ryan is back in town to get Lucinda back. Alf even suggests that Nick should take Ryan outside and deck him to let him know where he stands!

Greg and Bobby have finished cooking dinner for Bobby and serves it for her.

Everything worked out perfectly in the end. Bobby enjoys the special dinner (music plays).

Ola Carlsson, 2000