Episode 958

Australian Air Date: 11th March 1992
Writer: Greg Haddrick
Director: Peter Rawling

Is there trouble ahead for Lou and Nick? Sophie’s baby is in danger.

Extended Summary

Nick and Lucinda talk about ker keeping in touch with Ryan by letters. Nick is annoyed about it. Lucinda explains it is nothing to worry about.

Fisher talks on the phone and realise that two container loads of his furniture are missing!

Alf and Ailsa talk about Blake and Meg swimming with dolphins and what great time they had. They are happy for Meg and Blake.

Sam and Greg tell Bobby that they will cook her a special dinner.

Nick is worried about Ryan being in Summer Bay.

Sophie admits to Lucinda that she was relying too much on Simon earlier.

Greg and Sam are preparing dinner for Bobby. They have a few problems on deciding what to cook.

Lucinda visits Ryan in the caravan park. They talk a lot. She is curious as to why he is here. He says he will stay here for “as long as it takes” (mysterious music plays).

Nick talks to Lucinda about what Ryan said.

Sophie talks to Bobby about her pregnancy. Sophie has a few worries about her pregnancy. They talk about it.

Alf and Ailsa drop over at the Bowmans and talk to Julia. Julia is happy that Meg is happy. They all are a bit worried how Blake will handle her death when it happens.

Ryan comes over to Fisher’s house. Fisher is on the phone trying to locate his missing furniture.

Nick says hello to Ryan. Lucinda is there too. They open up the champagne bottle and celebrate (emotional music).

Alf and Ailsa are over at the Rosses. Sophie talks to them. Alf seems in a hurry to get away as he wants to watch a boxing match.

Bobby comes home to collect a book on pregnancy for Sophie. She notices that Greg and Sam have made a bit of a mess in the kitchen. They seem to have some difficutlies cooking the dinner.

Nick talks to Ryan. He seems worried about why Ryan is in Summer Bay again.

Sophie gets some great pains in her stomach. Alf, Ailsa and Bobby get a bit worried. They will call in a doctor (tense music).

Ola Carlsson, 2000