Episode 665

Australian Air Date: 9th November 1990
Writer: John Hugginson
Director: Sean Nash

Marilyn becomes a very rich woman. Steven and Matt discover Kim’s penchant for illegal substances.

Extended Summary

The next morning, Kim is sleeping very heavily. Grant try to wake her up but doesn’t succeed. Matt and Grant leave. Kim continues to sleep.

Adam talks to Matt. Adam promised Maz to take the 80 bucks back to the restaurant for the bill mistake. Adam has decided he won’t really take it back – he will only make Marilyn believe that he did that. Matt is worried if Maz finds out the truth.

A guy with long hair called Mr Sandford turns up in the Diner. He buys some coffee and a sandwich. He is looking for Marilyn. Matt acts as if se doesn’t know her. Matt does that just in case if Mr Sandford is from the restaurant that Adam was supposed to return the money to. Adam and Matt are worried.

Kim wakes up and notices that she probably doesn’t have any drugs left. Grant walks in as she searches through her bag. She act innocent and say that she forgot to bring her favourite t-shirt with her to Summer Bay. Grant suggests that their parents can send her the shirt by mail.

Grant notices that Kim looks like a bit of a mess. She says she didn’t sleep very well last night. He isn’t surprised since she slept on the sofa.

Kim checks through her bag again when she is alone. She notices that she is almost out of drugs and seems worried. (Tense music)

Bobby is in the Diner again. Bobby feels fine and can’t stand to be at home by herself. Bobby won’t work in the Diner at the moment; she will just talk to Ailsa.

The mystery guy, Mr Sandford, leaves the Diner. Matt acts innocent so no one will tell Mr Sandford where Marilyn lives.

Kim comes to Pippa’s house and says hello to Steven, Alf and Sally. She wants Steven to show her around the Bay. He is ok with that. They go out and he shows her around. They walk on the beach and talks.

She asks Steven where she can find drugs. He is shocked and doesn’t know what to say.

Steven is offended and hates that Kim is doing drugs, especially since Grant is his friend.

Steven talks to her about how very bad it is to do drugs and how illegal it is etc. Steven says it really has nothing to do with him anyway so he won’t tell people about it even though he hates what she are doing.

Mr Sandford turns up at Alf’s store and asks for Maz. Matt tries to distract them but Alf tell him that he knows Maz and that she works in this store.

Matt phones Adam and warns him about the mystery guy that probably is from the restaurant. Adam is worried and tells Maz that he didn’t really return the money.

Mr Sandford turns up knocking on the door to the beach house. Adam won’t open and grabs Maz so she won’t open either! Adam will explain to the restaurant that it was a mistake and he will give the money back.

Sandford leaves after a while and leave a letter outside the door to the beach house.

Steven lost interest in Kim and doesn’t want to hang around her since she is doing drugs. Grant sees it and thinks it is strange that Steven couldn’t get away from Kim fast enough all of a sudden.

Maz finds the letter from the mystery guy. It is from a solicitor.

Kim talks to Matt about life in nightclubs etc. She gets the wrong impression that he does drugs and she asks if he can get her some. He is as shocked as Steven was and says that he doesn’t do drugs. He was talking about girls when he meant there are other things to do out in nightclubs even if the band isn’t so good.

Maz tell Adam that Mr Sandford is a solicitor.

Sandford comes over to the beach house again and talks to Maz. He explains about a woman called Mrs Winston. Maz used to visit her a while ago and was a good friend of her. She has died some months ago. Maz is sad.

He tells Maz that she left a heritage for Maz. Maz will get 40 000 dollars! Adam and Maz are shocked.

Maz gets a bank check (after signing some papers) worth 40 372 dollars and 39 cents exactly!

Maz and Adam are very shocked. Adam is happy about the money. Maz are sad that Mrs Winston is dead since she thinks she was a very nice lady. (Mrs Winston died at the age of 92)

Mr Sandford leaves. Adam and Maz talks. Adam is very happy about the money. Maz cries since she is sad about the death of her friend and that she didn’t know about it earlier so she could go to the funeral.

Kim talks to Matt. She says she is sorry about before. She lies and say that the drugs she asked for was for a friend. She acts innocent. She doesn’t want Matt to tell Grant about it. Grant comes in and Kim acts innocent. Matt doesn’t say anything about the drugs.

Kim will go to Yabbie Creek by herself to “check it out”. Grant wants to come with her but she talks him out of it.

Maz have calmed down and talks to Adam. Adam tries to cheer her up. Maz feels bad since she hasn’t kept in touch with the old lady that died and now it is too late.

Adam asks Maz what she will do with the money. Maz doesn’t seem to care about the money at all really. Adam seems to be interested in them of course! He wants her and him to invest the money on something. Maz will put them in a bank instead.

Matt talks to Steven about Kim doing drugs. They don’t know if they should tell Grant or not.

They think it maybe will be better not to say anything especially since they can’t really prove that she are doing drugs.

Ola Carlsson, 2000

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