Episode 664

Australian Air Date: 8th November 1990
Writer: John Hugginson
Director: Sean Nash

Marilyn is unimpressed by Adam’s dishonesty. Grant is unaware of the trouble that lies ahead when his teenage sister comes to visit.

First episode. Grant’s sister. Visited the Bay in a bid to seek help on her drug dependency problem.

Extended Summary

Adam and Maz are in the Diner. Adam wants to go out with Maz to a restaurant. Maz don’t think they can afford it.

Maz misses her microwave that Adam swapped for a TV with Matt. Adam talks Maz around and they will have a night out. Maz are excited about it.

A girl turns up at Grant and Matt’s house and asks for Grant. She comes in and makes herself welcome. After a while she introduces herself as Kim. It is Grant’s sister.

Matt is a bit suspicious if she really is Grant’s sister. She shows him a photo of Grant and her. Matt is convinced everything is ok.

Fisher tells Grant that his mum phoned to the school. Grant is curious why.

Matt talks to Kim while she eats in Grant’s house. Matt has to leave for work and Kim is there by herself. She looks around the flat. (Tense music)

She sees some money near the phone and she steals some!

Carly is annoyed in the Diner since Matt is late for work. Carly talks to Steven about it. Matt turns up. Carly is very annoyed.

Grant comes home and Kim hides out at first and then gives him a great scare surprise! He is happy to see her.

They talk a lot. Grant find out that Kim is here without their parents knowing about it. Kim is worried and say she can’t get on too well with there mum. Grant wants to phone them to let them know. Kim says she will talk to them later. Kim goes out to check out Summer Bay.

Kim comes to the Diner and talks to Matt. She thinks Matt is cute. Kim gets introduced to Steven.

He is surprised since he didn’t know that Grant has a sister.

Grant has spoken to his mum and did let them know where Kim is. It was ok that Kim stayed at Grant’s place for a while. Grant talks to her since Kim’s parents are worried about Kim since she stay out late usually etc.

Kim plays it cool and say they are just overreacting. Kim says it is nothing to worry about.

Grant and Kim are in the Diner and talks to Steven. Kim explains that she think school is a waste of time and will get out of school as soon as possible. Grant doesn’t like that.

Adam and Maz have been out to a restaurant and had a bad time. They both come and talk about how bad it was.

Adam saved money on it anyway since the waiter did a miss with the bill!

Adam and Maz will save up for a new microwave.

Kim wants to have a late night out with Grant and Steven. Grant and Steven won’t do that.

Grant introduces Kim to Fisher. Fisher is in a hurry and talks to Matt and Carly. Matt and Carly can’t get on well since they can’t decide who will be in charge while Bobby is away from the Diner.

Fisher lays down the law decide that he will be the boss and they will have to do exactly as he says!

Maz are worried since Adam didn’t own up to the restaurant about the miss with the bill. Adam justifies it and say it is nothing to worry about. Maz get upset and worried since she feels like the stole from the restaurant.

Kim wants to go out late. Grant says no to that. He thinks it is too late to go out since she is only 16 years old. He will be her boss as long as she is here. Kim gets annoyed and doesn’t like it here.

Kim says she is sorry. She apologises to Grant.

Fisher bosses Carly and Matt around in the Diner. Fisher do it as a plan since Matt and Carly will probably get on better as long as they don’t have to work under Fisher’s heavy rules.

Maz gives Adam the silent treatment. He apologises for not telling the restaurant about the bill mistake. She wants him to take the money back to the restaurant. Adam gets talked into it and he will give the money back.

Matt had left 80 bucks for Grant near the phone for rent. Grant noticed it was only 60 now. Matt is puzzled. Kim acts innocent but seem worried since she took 20 dollars out of it.

Kim is up by herself and she takes out some pills from her bag. It seems as if she is taking drugs.

She goes into the kitchen to take a pill. (Tense music)

Ola Carlsson, 2000