Episode 663

Australian Air Date: 7th November 1990
Writer: Tom Galbraith
Director: Sean Nash

A jealous Blake warns Haydn to keep away from Sophie. Pippa confuses her feelings for Michael.

Extended Summary

Carly and Ben talks while breakfast is on its way in the Ross house. Sophie comes down for breakfast.

Ben and Carly talked about why Pippa was angry when they talked about her and Michael earlier.

They keep it a secret when Sophie comes down. Carly will apologise to Pippa again when she comes down from her bedroom.

Fisher looks after Bobby while she rests in his sofa. Bobby thinks it is a bit annoying that he is a bit overprotective.

He explains that he is that just because he wasn’t around when she was younger. Bobby is ok with it and say that everything will be ok even though she admit she is worried how things will work out with the baby and if the baby will be ok.

Pippa comes down and Ben and Carly apologises to Pippa. Pippa accepts the apology.

Sophie hears it but no one tell her what the apology was for. Pippa doesn’t want to talk about it.

Michael wants Haydn to clean up around the boatshed to help him out since Michael gives him pocket money.

Haydn seems ok with it since he promised to behave better from now on.

Haydn comes to Pippa’s house. Sophie opens and is a bit arrogant to him. He says he wants to see Pippa.

He talks to Pippa since Michael wanted him to bring over a rent cheque.

Pippa will give Haydn a lift with Sophie to school. Haydn is grateful but Sophie and Haydn can’t get on well.

Haydn and Sophie pick on each other on the way to school.

Blake and Karen see Haydn arriving with Sophie to school. Blake asks what she is doing with Haydn. Blake is jealous. Sophie says it is nothing and that she doesn’t like Haydn.

Blake warns Haydn to stay away from Sophie. Fisher sees them getting tense to each other and he interrupts them before it gets out of hand.

Ben and Michael talks while working in the boatshed. Michael asks questions about Pippa. Michael admits that Pippa is an attractive woman. Michael leaves the boatshed for a while. He says he needs to go out to fix something.

Grant holds a class and they try to come up with a good replacement Romeo for the Romeo and Juliet play since Blake can’t be in it. No one seem to do well enough especially since Blake try to warn every guy off the role since it is Sophie that will be playing Juliet. Blake is even more jealous.

Haydn has a try of the role and he knows the whole script so he doesn’t have to read it. Blake seems to hate him for it. Grant makes Haydn do it again since they modernised the dialog in the script they will use. Haydn handles that too but think it is pathetic to clarify the dialog just to make it easier to understand.

Michael talks to Pippa while she is collecting laundry from outside in her garden.

He asks if Haydn dropped by with the rent cheque to her. She explains that Haydn did do that. He tries to talk to her but she says she is very busy since she feel awkward to talk to him for some reason. It is obvious Pippa likes Michael but feels a bit strange about it.

Pippa forgot some laundry out on the line and he takes it in for her. They talk and he says he only wants to be good friends with her and he apologises if he gave her another impression. She is glad for that and they seem to get on very well now.

Romeo and Juliet rehearsal continues. Haydn gets the role as Romeo. Blake hates that.

Sophie asks Haydn if they can be friends since they have to do the lead roles together in the play.

Blake gets annoyed at Haydn and tries to warn him off Sophie. Haydn say it is ok and he say he isn’t interested in Sophie at all. Blake talks to Sophie. He is very worried since the play will involve a kissing scene. Sophie says it is just acting and nothing else.

Blake would like her to pull out of the play. Sophie gets annoyed and says no. Blake lays down an ultimatum to get out of play or they are finished as a couple. Sophie won’t do that and think Blake is being very unfair.

Sophie tells Blake not to be so jealous. Blake seems ok with the whole thing now.

Karen likes Haydn and talks to him. He apologises for when he was rude to her earlier when she asked him to the cinema.

Pippa comes over to Fisher’s house and she tells Bobby that Michael only wants to be friends with her and how great that is. Bobby thinks it is some kind of a plan from Michael’s side!

Pippa feel it is way too soon after Tom’s death to even thinks of another relationship. Bobby asks her if she likes Michael. Pippa say she doesn’t know.

Ola Carlsson, 2000

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