Episode 662

Australian Air Date: 6th November 1990
Writer: Sharyn Rosenberg
Director: Sean Nash

Haydn begins to see the light. Pippa becomes increasingly uncomfortable in the company of Michael Ross.

Extended Summary

Grant, Sophie and Blake are down at the beach. Grant trains Blake on the beach. (Rock music plays)

Sophie is there to give him encouragement.

Karen comes down and tells them that Haydn won’t go to the cinema with them. She is a bit depressed and teary since Haydn told her to go and chase someone else if she wants a boyfriend.

Michael and Ben work at the boatshed and talks. Michael talks about how hard it is to get on with Haydn.

He also talks about his wife Cynthia and says that she was obsessed with money. Michael means that the reason why Haydn is so angry with Michael all the time is partly because Haydn was brought up with the idea that money was all that mattered. Haydn blames Michael badly for the fact that Michael’s old business turned out bad.

Ailsa tell Grant about the detectives that turned up asking Alf if he was selling illegal home-brewed alcohol! Bobby and Ailsa joke around about it.

Bobby gets a real pain in her stomach in the kitchen in the Diner. Ailsa gives her some water. Grant and Ailsa are worried. Bobby should go home to rest.

Haydn talks to Michael at the boatshed. He looks around the place. Haydn talks in an arrogant way to Ben and Michael. Haydn leaves.

Ben invited Michael and Haydn over for dinner at Pippa’s house. Pippa think he should have checked with her first. She seems worried for some reason but say it will be ok anyway. She goes out in a hurry to water the garden. Ben is puzzled why she reacted so strange. Carly understands that Pippa is worried since Michael seems to like Pippa a bit more than just a friend.

Bobby hurt in her stomach gets worse and Ailsa will take her to a doctor. Bobby feels like she is dying sort of. Ailsa tries to calm her down. Grant hears it.

Ben talks for very long on phone with his mum. Ailsa ask Carly if she can fill in for Bobby since Bobby needs resting for the time being. Carly is ok with that.

Michael tells Haydn about the dinner invitation. Haydn says he can’t come and talks as if he is so much better than everyone else is. Michael is starting to get real tired of Haydn’s lousy behaviour.

Bobby has seen a doctor and she are now at Fisher’s house and are resting in the sofa in the living room. Bobby is worried if it is something seriously wrong with her or the baby. The doctor said she was ok but needs resting.

Ailsa need to lock up the Diner and leave Bobby alone at Fisher’s house for a while so she can give Grant the keys to the Diner so he can lock up for her. Bobby is worried about her health. (Emotional music)

Pippa and Carly are preparing the food for when Michael comes over for dinner. Pippa think it is no big deal. Carly thinks it is good that Michael seem interested in Pippa.

Michael comes over and tells Pippa that Haydn couldn’t come. Michael tells an excuse for him and say that Haydn might be a bit shy. Michael brought over two bottles of wine too, one bottle of red wine and one with white wine. Pippa feels a bit funny for some reason around Michael.

Ailsa goes to the Diner and give Grant the keys so he can lock up. She explains that Bobby will be ok.

Grant and Haydn are the only ones in the Diner. They talk. Haydn have a problem since he feel he don’t belong at all in Summer Bay. Grant has a long talk to Haydn about it and about what is important in life.

Michael, Pippa, Ben and Carly eat dinner at Pippa’s house. They have a great time and Michael tell funny jokes and everyone laughs. All of a sudden Pippa say she has to go over to Fisher’s house to see how Bobby is. Carly and Ben try to get her to phone Bobby instead but Pippa say she has to go out. Ben, Carly and Michael are very surprised and puzzled. (Tense music)

Michael, Ben and Carly have dessert and talks. The fun sort of died.

Michael feels that Pippa left because of him. Carly and Ben say she was just worried about Bobby.

Michael know it isn’t just that. They explain that Pippa might not have got over Tom really even though she say she has. Michael goes back to his caravan.

Pippa is over at Fisher’s house and talks to Bobby and Ailsa. Bobby rests on sofa.

After Pippa have left, Bobby tell Ailsa that Michael and Pippa might like each other but Pippa feel it is too soon for her to start another relationship.

Haydn comes back home and Michael is in bed reading a newspaper. Haydn apologises to Michael.

He explains that he would rather be in the city but he appreciates that Michael is there for him now when his mum is overseas. Haydn promise Michael that he will behave better from now on while he is in the Summer Bay. (Emotional music)

Carly talks to Ben. She thinks that Pippa really likes Michael and vice versa. Pippa comes home as they talk and she overhears it and gets upset at Carly for “interfering with her love life”. Pippa overreacted a fair bit.

Ola Carlsson, 2000

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