Episode 661

Australian Air Date: 5th November 1990
Writer: John Coulter
Director: Sean Nash

Alf explodes when Sally’s article is printed. Karen is humiliated when she tries to befriend Haydn.

Extended Summary

Karen talks to Blake while they get the kitchen table set at Alf’s house. Karen is relieved that Blake didn’t get expelled.

Alf tell Blake that he is proud of him for sticking up for his sister when Stone gave her a hard time. Everyone is happy that Alan Stone had to quit from Summer Bay High.

Blake talks to Grant in the Diner. Blake will miss out on the Romeo and Juliet play. Grant tries to cheer him up.

At morning, Sally collects the newspaper and sees that her story is in the paper. She shows it to Pippa. She reads the story out loud to Sally. Sally feels very proud. There are some parts in the newspaper that Alf might not like.

Karen shows the newspaper to Alf. Bobby & Fisher and the rest read it too and think it is funny.

Pippa reads the rest of the story to Sally. Sally’s story unintentionally makes Alf as a bit of a bad person.

Sally is worried if Alf is angry.

Alf get a bit angry when he hears what is written in the article.

Alf phones up the newspaper and yells at a guy over the phone. Alf are very angry regarding the article.

Sally is out in Pippa’s garden and has collected eggs. Alf comes by. She a few eggs by mistake. She is worried about if Alf is angry with her or not. Sally hides out a bit.

Alf comes in and talks to Pippa. Alf is a bit upset and don’t like what Sally put in the article.

Pippa laughs heaps about a part in article when Alf made homemade booze and gave a few bottles around to mates. The bottles were exploding! Pretty strong brew, huh!

Haydn comes into the Diner for breakfast. Haydn acts very uninterested when Ailsa & Bobby talk to him about Summer Bay. Haydn does not want to be in Summer Bay at all that’s fairly obvious.

Haydn does a cricket throw and Karen sees it. They decide to play some. Karen is holding the bat and Haydn throws ball. They have a pretty good time.

Sally & Pippa drops off eggs to Ailsa in the Diner. Sally is worried if Alf are angry with her. Ailsa say it is nothing to worry about.

Karen talks to Haydn on the beach. She explains about her dead mum and how she came here with Blake.

Haydn talks about his mum and dad too. He thinks that all Michael is good about is making people miserable.

(Music plays)

Grant comes into Alf’s store and talks about how fun the article was. Alf get annoyed.

Sally comes into the store with Ailsa. Alf speaks to Sally. Sally is scared. He talks to her calmly.

She explains she tried to show him the article so he could read it before it was published but he didn’t have time. He admits that. Ailsa didn’t know that.

Alf wants Sally go around to people and tell them the parts that were missed out of the article she wrote. That was mainly the reason why the article made Alf look a bit bad. By doing this it won’t look as if Alf is all that bad.

He also wants her to try to get the whole interview in the paper instead of just her edited version of it so things looks better for him. Sally & Alf shake hands on it and it is a deal!

Karen talks to Bobby about how hard it is to get on with Haydn.

Sally comes to Fisher and explains that Alf wants her to write another article on Alf. Fisher will re-do the first interview about Alf that she did with Sally. Fisher explains to her that she have to pick pieces of the interview that are good and truthfully looking in case the whole interview doesn’t fit.

Two detectives turn up at Alf’s store and asking him questions about the article. They ask him questions about the allegations about illegal supply of alcohol (they mean the exploding strong brew he made a long time ago and handed out to friends)!

Karen goes to Haydn’s caravan. He comes outside and they talk. Karen, Blake & Sophie will go to see a movie tonight (the movie is Dick Tracy). She asks him along. Haydn isn’t interested and says that he already has seen that movie two months ago. Karen asks him why he gets so upset most of the time.

Haydn say he will get out of Summer Bay as soon as he can and he say that if Karen are looking for a boyfriend she should go and hassle some other poor sucker!

Ola Carlsson, 2000

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