Episode 556

Australian Air Date: 11th June 1990
Writer: Sean Nash
Director: Russell Webb

Sophie’s worst nightmare comes true. Lorraine Jensen finally comes to understand that Paul must be allowed to play the piano.

Extended Summary

At the surf club, Grant is on stage dressed as a cowboy, doing a sound check on the microphone as he chats with Sophie about getting everything ready. A lot of people are gathered there: Carly is trying to convince Ben they can still back out while Sally worries that Mullet hasn’t turned up yet. Bobby arrives with Chris and goes over to Alf and Don; Alf still thinks he knows Chris from somewhere but Chris dismisses the idea. Grant announces that those taking part should go to the dressing rooms while the audience take their seats. Sally is still worried but Pippa tells her to go and get ready. Back stage, Carly helps Ben into his outfit while they run over her cues. Marilyn tells Grant that she and Adam need a third assistant, since Emma pulled out after her fight with Adam.

Alf asks Don about Chris and Don explains he says he’s a landscape gardener. Lorraine and Mullet arrive, although Mullet is upset Paul isn’t there. Pippa hastily sends him to join Sally back stage. Emma thanks Lorraine for helping her sort out her problems with Paul and Lorraine asks her to return the favour. As Grant introduces the show, Emma goes and finds Paul, who is sat down by the beach.

Grant ushers the first act, Rob, who is dressed as a jester, off the stage and introduces Carly and Ben. The curtain comes back to reveal Ben sat in a high chair dressed as a baby. Carly is hidden behind a black drape behind him, with her arms sticking out so it looks like Ben has short, baby like arms. Ben delivers a comedy monologue on life as a baby while Carly feeds him with the bottle and a dish of food, getting most of it on his face. She misses several of her cues, feeding him at the wrong times, and at one point Ben accidentally bites Carly’s hand and she gives him a light slap but it only makes the audience laugh more, including Matt, who’s working the spotlight.

Emma tells Paul that it’ll mean a lot to Mullet if Paul’s there to see his act. She realises that Paul finds it hard being there and not being allowed to play but Paul says he promised Lorraine. Emma realises how close he is to his family and wishes she was the same with her mother. She persuades Paul to go in with her. Grant leads the applause for Jim’s spoon playing and then introduces Sally and Mullet. Paul and Emma take their seats just in time for the act to begin.

Chris asks Bobby outside for some fresh air but actually wants some alone time. He asks her to kiss him and she does but quickly stops, saying she wants to go back inside. Chris looks disappointed. Inside, Sally and Mullet are doing their act but Mullet makes a lot of mistakes, dropping the stone on his foot so he hobbles and nearly knocking his false beard off. When he misses out a section of the song, Sally gives a shout of frustration and storms off, with Mullet following her. Back stage, Sally has a go at Mullet for his mistakes while Mullet blames Sally for making him drop the stone. However, Pippa, Lorraine, Paul and Emma come back stage and congratulate them on all the things they added to the act, thinking it was all deliberate, and say they were the stars of the show. Sally and Mullet quickly accept the compliments, crediting the other for the ideas.

During an intermission, Alf continues to wonder about where he’s seen Chris and Don notices Bobby has another stain on her shoulder. Carly tells Grant that Steven’s arrived and it was worth the wait. Lorraine thanks Emma for getting Paul to come along. Emma tells her about Paul wanting to play and says it’s wrong of Lorraine to stop him.

Grant introduces Steven who comes on stage dressed as Elvis and plays an electric guitar, prompting wild applause. Next up is Sophie, accompanied by Grant. Grant starts playing but Sophie keeps ignoring her cue, simply staring at the audience in fright before running off. Grant fills a bit of dead time by playing his guitar and bantering with the audience until Adam and Marilyn are ready to begin their magic act. As the act begins, Bobby and Chris bump into each other while reaching for their drinks and Bobby notices another stain appear on her sleeve.

Adam prepares for the sawing the woman in half trick, helping Marilyn into the box. A pair of legs, clearly belonging to someone else, protrude from the other end wearing shoes similar to Marilyn’s. Adam saws the box in half and moves the two sides apart, prompting applause from the impressed crowd. He then puts them back together again and helps Marilyn out, the legs being pulled back in as he does so. Grant asks for a round of applause for Adam and Marilyn… at which point Mullet pops out of the other side of the box and adds him too. The crowd laugh and Adam grimaces. Afterwards, Paul and Emma laugh about how Adam will want to kill Mullet. Lorraine comes over and tells Paul that if he wants to play she won’t stop him.

Bobby takes Chris outside and says she wants to ask him something and doesn’t think she’ll like the answer. Inside, Alf tells Don he remembers where he’s seen Chris and he doesn’t think he’ll like it. Outside, Bobby accuses Chris of being married. Chris denies it but Bobby has realised he uses make-up to cover up the fact he normally wears a wedding ring. Chris says they’re both adults and can just carry on. Bobby tells him to take his hands off her. Alf and Don approach and reinforce Bobby’s request, telling Chris to leave. Alf escorts him to his car, explaining he saw Chris at a barbeque once with his wife and children. Don asks Bobby if she’s all right but she just wants to go back inside.

Grant tells the audience that he set up the amateur night to give one young man a chance and introduces Paul playing Emma’s Song. Paul begins playing; both Emma and Lorraine look proud and Grant looks pleased. Outside, Sophie hears the music and looks sad. As Paul’s performance draws to a close, Emma starts off the enthusiastic applause. Paul bows and Lorraine looks overwhelmed.

Guest Cast




Final episode. Was revealed to be secretly married and fled the Bay.

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