Episode 532

Australian Air Date: 8th May 1990
Writer: Maureen Ann Moran
Director: Russell Webb

Adam, Marilyn and Matt narrowly escape eviction from the beach house. Mullet’s lies get him into serious trouble.

Extended Summary

Pippa cooks a roast lamb and Steven gets funny about Ben sitting at the head of the table. Matt and Adam are fixing the floor, Marilyn says it looks terrible. Steven goes to see Viv and talk about Tom and Viv’s Mum. Lorraine (Murray and Paul’s Mum) comes over to collect Murray and invites Sally to dinner, Murray isn’t so sure. The new floor in the Beach house is infected with fleas, the 3 of them leave the house to sleep at the surf club. The next day they buy a smoke bomb to get rid of the fleas. Steven apologises to Pippa about the night before and then goes to apologise to Ben, he still thinks the wedding is too soon though. Lorraine and Murray prepare dinner for Sally; he is still trying to get out of it. The landlord comes over to the Beach House and gets stuck with the smoke bomb so he throws it through the window and goes to the store to call the police. Adam finds it funny. Murray gets out of Sally coming to dinner by telling her that his Mum has had an accident in the kitchen and telling his Mum that Sally has the Mumps. Steven has a go at Pippa because she feels that she is wiping Tom out of their lives. Sally tells Pippa about Maureen’s accident and they go round to give them some dinner, they discover the truth.

Melanie Foster, 2000

Guest Cast


First episode. Paul and Murray’s impoverished single mother.

First episode. Lorraine’s son. Murray’s older brother. Aspiring pianist who would later fall for Emma.

Third appearance, last seen in #531. Was nearly gassed to death by Adam’s flea bomb.

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