Episode 531

Australian Air Date: 7th May 1990
Writer: Maureen Ann Moran
Director: Russell Webb

Viv is determined to remain silent about her contact with Tammy. A heartbroken Ailsa bids farewell to her niece.

Extended Summary

Viv is worried about Tammy, the Police come to tell her she’s run away and ask her if she’s heard from her, she lies and says she hasn’t. Bridget and Emma arrange to leave the next day, Emma tells Ailsa that she is going to miss her and Alf. Adam, Matt and Marilyn worry about the hole in the lino, the landlord comes over and sees it, he tells them they have to fix it by the morning. Emma tells Viv and Steven that she is leaving. Bridget goes to the diner and insults Bobby; she tells Ailsa that she won’t see Emma again. Adam buys some 2nd hand lino, Emma goes to see him to tell him she’s leaving, and he tries to persuade her to stay. Viv goes home to see if Tammy is there but she isn’t, she and Steven give Viv a going away card. Ailsa gives her some photos of them and herself to remember them by. They say a tearful goodbye.

Melanie Foster, 2000

Guest Cast

Final episode. Took Emma away with her following a falling out with Ailsa.

Fourth appearance, last seen in #511. Informed Viv about Tammy’s disappearance.

Second appearance, last seen in #516. Uncovered Marilyn’s toffee-scorched lino.

Was accosted by Donald after dropping a wrapper.

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