Episode 428

Australian Air Date: 1st November 1989
Writer: Carla Kettner
Director: Julian McSwiney

Lance and Martin gamble their livelihood away and Morag makes a very frightening discovery.

Extended Summary

Stacey is pacing back and forth nervously. Andrew comes in and tells her that Mick is asleep. Stacey is scared by the experience, having never seen anyone like that before. Andrew feels he’s to blame for not keeping an eye on Mick, since he should have realised Mick wasn’t ready to go out on his own. Stacey tells him he can’t keep an eye on Mick all the time but Andrew says he has to until he can persuade Mick to go to rehab. They check Mick’s jacket and find money in his pocket.

Bobby is closing up the Diner when Morag arrives, wanting a pint of milk. Bobby says it will cost her $3 since it’s after hours. Morag pays but snipes at Bobby, saying she’ll have to support Danny now she’s wrecked his career. She storms out, passing Don as she does so. Bobby goes to see Danny in his caravan and moans about Morag. Danny kisses her, which is enough to take her mind off things. He tells her he loves her.

Next morning, Stacey goes out for a walk when Mick surfaces, leaving him and Andrew alone. Mick apologises and says it won’t happen again but Andrew says he can’t be sure of that. Mick assures him he wants things to work and Andrew decides they’ll go to the CES together. He produces Mick’s money. Mick tells Andrew to keep it but Andrew gives it back to him, saying Mick has to learn to trust himself.

Don goes round to see Morag and tells her to leave Bobby alone. Morag mocks his doting father act but Don retorts that she’s always shirked her responsibility and pushed people away-Alf, Celia, Bobby, Richard, even Danny who was willing to stay with her after what she did. Morag questions the comment and Don says Danny has told them Morag fabricated the phone calls and hanging in order to get him to stay. Morag is shocked.

Andrew and Mick go for a run on the beach and discuss Stacey. Mick decides to stay there for a while and catch some waves. At the Diner, Bobby asks Stacey to show her the ring but Stacey admits she’s having second thoughts about getting married with everything with Mick, although she acknowledges Andrew’s willingness to help people is why she loves him. Lance and Martin come in and Bobby shows them to a table. Martin is still determined to go ahead with his pool game plan. Lance says Martin isn’t as good as the guys on television but Martin says that’s faked with trick photography and points out the alternative is keeping Celia as a partner. The pair find Mick sunbathing on the beach and Martin challenges him to a big bucks game but Mick refuses. When Martin tries to goad him by calling him gutless, Mick storms off.

Morag goes for a walk on the beach with Banjo, Don’s words ringing in her head. She decides to go to Danny’s caravan to confront him but finds it empty. While she’s sitting and waiting for him, she finds a box containing the photo of Danny and his father and a newspaper cutting about Gordon Robert Farnsworth being sentenced to ten years for manslaughter, with a quote from Morag justifying the unusually harsh sentence. Banjo starts barking outside and Morag puts the box away. When Danny comes in, she tells him she wants to let bygones be bygones.

At the Diner, Bobby questions Mick’s intentions but lets it drops when he insists Andrew’s a friend. Danny arrives and tells Bobby what Morag said but Bobby advises him not to turn his back on her. Lance and Martin arrive and Martin again starts goading Mick, messing with his food. Lance and Bobby try to intervene but Martin tells Mick he’ll be at the pool hall at three o’clock. Meanwhile, Morag is on the phone to someone, asking them to look into Farnsworth.

Lance is trying to convince Martin to leave the pool hall when Mick turns up and stipulates a game of eight ball. He offers Stacey’s engagement ring as his stake. Lance argues it could be a fake so Mick takes it to a nearby pawn shop to get the money. At the flat, Stacey finds the ring missing from where she left it on the table and tells Andrew she thinks Mick has taken it. Martin breaks and Mick is soon potting balls. When he misses one, Martin takes over but he misses one as well. Mick gets back on the table and cleans up, potting the eight ball and scooping up the money. Stacey is on the verge of phoning the police, despite Andrew trying to persuade her not to, when Mick comes back and returns the ring, saying he tightened the band and gave it a clean, before heading to the Diner.

Morag’s contact Mr. Nelson turns up at her house. After extracting a large payment, he gives her the information she requested: Farnsworth did have a son, born 23rd April 1969. Furthermore, Farnsworth maintained his innocence right up to the end: He hanged himself in his cell, leaving a suicide note blaming Morag.

Guest Cast





Detective employed by Morag to dig into Danny’s past.


  • Danny’s father was Gordon Robert Farnsworth. Danny was born 23/4/1969.

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