Episode 429

Australian Air Date: 2nd November 1989
Writer: Carla Kettner
Director: Julian McSwiney

Morag plans to destroy Danny and Mick brings terror into the lives of Stacey and Andrew.

Extended Summary

Celia heads to the hot dog van looking for Lance and Martin but finds a sign on the van saying “Back Soon”. She goes to the Diner, where Bobby and Ailsa are swamped with customers, and tells Bobby she’s looking for the pair because she needs to discuss publicity with them. She says she thinks they might be avoiding her. Bobby sees Lance and Martin enter the Diner and then turn round and leave when they see Celia and says she thinks the same.

Morag turns up at the school as Don is dismissing his class. She says she needs to talk to him about Bobby and Danny. Don isn’t keen but Morag tells him to come and see her as soon as possible. Andrew and Stacey are having coffee together at their flat. Stacey feels guilty about nearly calling the police on Mick but Andrew says he shouldn’t have taken the ring without asking. Mick wanders through and ignores Stacey’s offer of breakfast, saying he’s out of there.

Mick turns up at the Diner where he runs into Lance and Martin. He suggests they have a rematch some time but Lance turns him down. Martin asks him for a loan but Mick refuses. At the store, Celia complains to Alf about her inability to track down Lance and Martin. Alf thinks she was a fool to get involved with them and she should let them buy her out. Celia says it’s not as simple as that and admits they’ve disappeared with some of her money, which she gave them for brochures and leaflets.

Don goes round to see Morag who says she wants to invite him, Bobby and Danny round for dinner for a reconciliation. Don is suspicious until Morag says she’s leaving Summer Bay. He heads to the Diner and tells Bobby but she isn’t interested. Lance and Martin are sat nearby trying to work out a way out of their problem. Martin semi-seriously suggest torching the caravan for the insurance and Lawn suggests pawning something. Martin suggests a hostile takeover but isn’t sure how they could do it. Celia comes in looking for them and Lance and Martin duck down under the table. Not knowing they’re there, Celia sits at the table to wait for them.

Andrew arrives home and starts hugging and kissing Stacey. She asks him how he went with the council and he says he should be able to apply for a grant to fund a youth centre but has some forms to fill in. Stacey offers to help him with them and also tells him she’s decided she wants to work with him. Celia discovers Lance and Martin’s hiding place when she kicks them. She asks what’s happened to the brochures. Martin admits there’s a cash flow problem and Lance admits they lost her money to a pool shark. Celia says she won’t forget it and storms out.

Celia goes round to Andrew and Stacey’s flat, accusing Mick of stealing her money and pointing out gambling is illegal. She also accuses Andrew of bringing undesirables into their community. Andrew tells Mick to return the money. After Celia has gone, Stacey realises what Mick really did with her ring and Andrew tells him it’s still stealing even if he returned it. Mick gets annoyed and storms out. Alf is keeping Lance and Martin at the store until Celia returns. When she turns up with the money, she tells them that, since they owe her even more money, she’s now the boss and they will have to work from eight until six, with half an hour for lunch outside the peak time between 11.30 and 2, and she’ll be the sole signatory on the cheques. She then puts Martin to work doing an inventory at the store while Lance stands and watches.

Bobby goes to see Danny at his caravan and tells him about Morag’s invitation. Danny suggests everyone deserves a second chance and implies Bobby has a lot in common with Morag. Later, at the Diner, Ailsa also tells Bobby she thinks she should go, since she wishes she’d had a chance to make peace with her mother.

Andrew decides to go out and look for Mick, feeling bad for shouting at him. Stacey says he’ll have to come back because his stuff’s there but Andrew is worried he’ll score first. Later, Stacey is putting a bag out when Mick comes home. He says he waited for Andrew to leave and blames Stacey for messing things up. He picks up a vase and smashes it.

Ailsa is cashing up when Danny comes to pick Bobby up. She tells them she’s decided to go to dinner at Morag’s. Don rings Morag to tell her and she says she’ll see them at half past eight the following night. After hanging up, she tells Banjo to fasten his seatbelt because it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Andrew arrives home to find the flat wrecked and Stacey crouched in the middle of it, sobbing. She says Mick didn’t hurt her but told her she owed him for ruining things between him and Andrew. Andrew comforts her and says he’s sorry.

Guest Cast



Final episode.

Elderly customer who Alf sold a product to that would make her husband Jack “look as good as the people on the pack”.

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