Episode 427

Australian Air Date: 31st October 1989
UK Air Date: 8th October 1990
Writer: Bruce Hancock
Director: Julian McSwiney

Steven learns the truth about Rory and Mick reveals his true colours to Andrew and Stacey.

Extended Summary

Andrew and Mick come to the flat after a swim. Stacey has just had a phone call from Nina offering her a job in Hollywood. She said no of course, but reminds Andrew that they are unemployed and getting married. Andrew plans to ask about a job at the hospital. Mick gives Stacey some flowers and congratulates her on the engagement.

Ailsa serves Lance and Martin at the Diner and tells them Celia wants to talk to them about the hot dog stand. Lance says this is getting beyond a joke but Martin reminds him they wouldn’t be in business without Celia. Stacey comes in Ailsa congratulates her on the engagement but Stacey is concerned she won’t be able to handle Andrew bringing home troubled kids like Mick all the time. Ailsa points out that Andrew is a caring person and he will care for Stacey the same way.

Andrew and Mick look at leaflets for courses Mick could take. Mick wants to apply for one on car detailing and Andrew pushes him to be strong and go and do so without his help.

Celia finds Lance and Martin at the Diner and is annoyed they haven’t contacted her. She wants to know yesterday’s takings and isn’t happy that after wages and supplies there’s nothing left for her. She says they need to have a serious talk about their business relationship and tells them to meet her at Alf’s at 3 with the books. Lance asks what books!

Stacey comes home with some shopping. Andrew tells her there won’t always be kids like Mick around. Stacey tells him his concern for others is one of the things she loves about him.

Mick enters a pool hall and asks a couple of guys if he can join their game. A guy called Chas tells him it’s a buck a game. Mick breaks but completely misses.

Rory and Sally are looking at a surf life saving manual at Summer Bay House. Sally offers for him to practise his holds on her. Pippa tells them to take it outside but they don’t listen and knock a table over. Adam arrives to teach Rory properly and doesn’t want to be seen on the beach with Roy but Pippa insists they’re not doing it in the house.

At the Diner, Carly tells Ailsa that it’s kind of fun having Rory around, but Steven says he’s a pain. He can’t study with Rory around, and he snores too. He can’t wait until Rory gets the money from his father and leaves.

Mick has lost five games in a row but has got $15 left and is desperate to win his money back. Chas agrees if he places the whole $15 on one game.

Rory collapses on the beach and tells Adam he needs a breather from training. Sally tells him he’s doing really well but Rory says it’s going to take months. Sally’s glad his money hasn’t come yet as she likes having him around, but Rory doesn’t think Steven does.

At the Stewart house, Celia tells Lance and Martin the profits should be split three ways. She tells them to promote the stall and sell more hot dogs. She will foot the cost of glossy brochures on the condition that the company be owned 51% by her. Martin tries to argue but Celia says it’s their only choice. She will also be performing spot checks to make sure they are putting in sufficiently long hours!

Mick clears the table and takes the money. He sarcastically says he must have got lucky. Chas has clearly been conned.

Sally and Rory return to Summer Bay House and Pippa confronts Rory as Steven has found his money in the bedroom. Rory says it came yesterday but he didn’t want to leave. He’s never lived with a family like this before and it feels like home. Pippa tells him he lied and he had better go.

Lance and Martin are at the Diner, wondering how they can buy Celia out, when Chas comes in. He is apparently a mate of theirs and tells them about Mick. Martin gets the idea of playing this bloke for $500. Chas warns him that Mick is a pro. At the flat, Andrew wonders where Mick has got to. Mick wins another game of pool and counts his money.

Sally tells Pippa that she is mean. Rory comes downstairs with his suitcase and Pippa is clearly torn so Steven relents and agrees that Rory can stay.

It is dark and Andrew decides to go and look for Mick, just as he arrives home. He has clearly taken something and staggers to his room, leaving Stacey and Andrew looking shocked.

Guest Cast





Mate of Lance and Martin’s. Was defeated at pool by a deceptive Mick.