Episode 426

Australian Air Date: 30th October 1989
Writer: Bruce Hancock
Director: Julian McSwiney

The rift between Viv and Emma widens and Stacey entertains a surprise house guest.

Extended Summary

At the Stewart house, Alf is complaining about Emma going out to the dance; he thinks she’s gone to the Midnight Swing again and is going to come home drunk. Ailsa tries to convince him to go to bed and let her handle it but Alf is determined to have it out with her. Then Emma arrives home and her new look and pleasant manner leave Alf speechless.

Next morning, Sally and Carly are having breakfast. Rory offers to do some toast but Pippa quickly assigns him the safer job of folding the laundry. Steven complains to Pippa about sharing a room with Rory: He talks when Steven’s trying to study and snores. Rory chats with Sally about his day with the beach patrol and she offers to come down and see him. Emma arrives, now wearing school uniform and with a more conventional hair and make-up style, and asks Steven to walk to school with her. Pippa and Sally are left dumbfounded by the change in Emma but, once the teens are gone, Carly says she thinks Emma likes Steven.

Stacey is clearing the flat for Andrew’s return and is annoyed that Adam has got up late. She reminds him he promised to get out and, although he seems unhappy, he agrees. Down on the beach, Matt is drilling the patrol team but Rory manages to tangle up the rope he’s letting out, causing the rescuers to be pulled up short. Adam approaches and Matt tells him Rory’s hopeless, asking him to come back, but Matt refuses. Rory suggests he be the one rescued but no-one seems to want to talk to him. Matt goes round to see Alf, who’s doing the books at home, and tells him they’re going to lose the surf carnival, suggesting Alf try to persuade Adam as a surf club committee member. He points out Adam’s quit his job and Alf might be able to offer him something as an incentive. When Matt points out he’s up for re-election soon, Alf agrees.

At school, Viv, who still has punk-like hair and make-up, accuses Emma of copping out. Emma chats with Steven about footie and, once he’s gone, Viv accuses her of changing herself for Steven. Emma retorts she was a punk because she wanted to be and now she’s changed because she wanted to, whereas Viv just needs someone to follow. Later, Steven and Emma talk about an essay and Emma suggests Steven comes round hers to help her with it. Steven asks Viv to join them but she says she wouldn’t want to cramp Emma’s style. Emma pretends she doesn’t know what she’s talking about.

Adam goes round to see Alf, who offers him a part-time delivery job at the store. Adam accepts until Alf suggests he re-join the surf club, saying he’s a part of the community now and needs to give something back. Adam says he doesn’t like being blackmailed and is only in Summer Bay because he’s stuck there, turning down the offer and storming out. Rory joins Sally and Carly for lunch at the Diner and admits everyone on the patrol team thinks he’s useless. Carly asks Ailsa if she can take a break and goes to the beach to talk to Adam, asking him to train Rory. Adam refuses, saying Rory’s a lost cause. Later, he finds Rory trying to untangle the rope and stops to give him a few pointers, saying he needs to turn the handle with one hand and guide the rope with the other. Rory finds it easier and thanks Adam.

Emma goes to the store and Celia is impressed with her new look, with even Emma being as rude and abrupt as ever failing to shake her belief that she’s seen the light. Stacey arrives to buy some ingredients for dinner, refusing to be drawn on Celia’s questions about who she’s eating with. Celia later comes by the flat to drop off the pate but Stacey quickly ushers her out. When Andrew turns up, he hugs and kisses Stacey but she’s put out to discover he’s invited a youth, Mick, to stay with them. Mick joins them for dinner and compliments Stacey on the food, while Andrew tells him Summer Bay’s a good place to make a fresh start. Stacey is left clearing up while Andrew and Mick chat.

Steven arrives at the Stewarts’ for his study date as the family are finishing dinner. Alf was going to watch the basketball but Emma asks if he and Ailsa were going to go to the shops. Ailsa takes the hint and drags Alf out. Steven tries to get down to discuss the essay but Emma seems more interested in flirting with him.

Andrew has finished showing Mick around and tells Stacey that Mick would be dead within a year if he stayed on the streets; he was hassling people to fund a drug habit. The news doesn’t exactly put Stacey at ease and she tells Andrew she was looking forward to him coming back. They go to kiss but are interrupted by Mick, wanting to watch a video.

Alf puts his basketball on while Ailsa chats to Emma about Steven’s visit. She comments that Steven’s a nice boy. Emma claims not to have noticed but acknowledges she’s right. Steven arrives home and tells Pippa that Emma was mostly interested in talking. Pippa is pleased Emma has changed but Steven wishes Viv would too. He admits he still likes her but it’s one-sided. Pippa suggests Viv might change her mind but Steven doesn’t think so.

Andrew tells Stacey that Mick is asleep. Stacey tells him that she thinks he isn’t as serious about their relationship as she is. Andrew claims otherwise and produces a ring, asking her to marry him. Stacey hugs him but her expression seems slightly uncertain.

Guest Cast




First episode. Shady counselling client of Andrew’s who visited the Bay with him.


  • New Opening Titles – 1989, Set 6

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