Episode 388

Australian Air Date: 6th September 1989
UK Air Date: 14th August 1990
Writer: Anthony Ellis
Director: Michael Ailwood

Carly engages in industrial espionage and Adam has his suspicions about the Summer Bay Bunyip.

Extended Summary

Viv is continuing to insist to Alf and Bobby that she and Matt saw the bunyip. Alf insists there’s no such thing and they were just confused in the dark, while Bobby teasingly asks what she and Matt were doing alone in the dark anyway. Alf suggests that Macklins have invented the whole thing to gain publicity. Bobby and Viv point out that he’s got money invested in Macklins and he started the rumours. Don arrives to collect Viv. Throughout the conversation, Martin listens in from his table.

Carly and Steven can hear the boys hunting in the distance at the house. Carly wonders what it’s about but Steven is engrossed in his plans for the surf club raft. Carly protests that it’s cheating them asking him to do it and Steven realises she’s on Bobby’s team.

Lance arrives at the Diner, still wearing his ski mask but not the coat. He tells Martin that he’ll come back to the band and do the gig if he gets Stacey to call the dogs off. Martin tells him that Matt’s the one doing the hunting and, from Lance’s garbled explanations, works out that he’s the bunyip. Lance asks him to tell everyone but Martin refuses because he wants Lance back in the band. Lance decides to tell Matt himself but Martin tells him the police will probably arrest him as a public nuisance, claiming he’ll get ten years.

Don and Viv arrive back at the house. Don reassures her there’s nothing to be frightened about but Viv says she isn’t scared anymore, although she does still believe in the bunyip. Don doesn’t think it’s real but Viv thinks there’s more in the world than they realise: Her favourite story when she was young was Tom’s Midnight Garden, about a boy who befriends a ghost, and she wanted the same thing to happen to her because she didn’t have any friends. Don quietly notes she reminds him of Rebecca and Alan, who’d probably think the same, and wishes her good night.

Next morning, Matt and Adam are checking out the surf club store room. Matt still insists he saw the bunyip there but Adam teases him, wondering if it was him or Viv that ran out first. After Matt has gone, Adam finds a Mars bar wrapper.

Carly arrives late for work at the Diner where Bobby moans about Morag accusing her of being behind the phone calls. Carly tells her about Steven doing the design for the surf club raft and they both agree they’ll have no chance if he does. Carly suggests getting Viv to take Steven out in exchange for him doing their design instead, but Bobby tells her Viv’s dating Matt and they both observe he just sees her as a notch and they feel sorry for Steven missing out. Bobby suggests they steal Steven’s design. Steven approaches Viv at school and asks about her encounter with the bunyip (also being slightly thrown that she was alone in the dark with Matt). Viv asks if he’s seen Lance, since she’s worried the bunyip might have got him. Adam comes up and asks Steven about the plan; Viv, who’s also on Bobby’s team, is annoyed that he’s involved. Meanwhile, Carly sneaks back to the house and takes Steven’s plan then goes and photocopies it at the Macklin office, telling Bobby she returned the original without him noticing. Bobby is convinced they’ll win now: They’ll have the same boat as the boys and they’re lighter, they just need to get some training in.

Morag comes into the Diner and asks for the pumpkin soup, although she’s rather dismissive of the food in general. Bobby mentions seeing her advert for a secretarial assistant and says no-one will work for her but Morag says she’s already got someone:an out-of-towner, Daniel Price. Disappointed, Bobby tells Carly that she’s still upset Danny hasn’t called her. Carly suggests Bobby asks him out instead and Bobby tells her to keep Morag busy. She heads to the office, nearly catching Danny looking through Morag’s office. Bobby asks him out to a movie but Danny says he doesn’t know what hours he’s going to be working. Bobby suggests if he wants to impress Morag he should do what Nigel did and tell it to her straight. Danny realises she knows Morag well and says he will go out with her. At the Diner, Carly delays Morag by giving her the wrong thing. Lance and Martin come in and Martin tells Lance that Nina won’t sue him for breach of contract if they work on the routine twenty hours a day until the gig. Lance orders three Mars Bars, which Adam seems to take notice of. Bobby returns and Carly tells her to watch Morag: She just put a heap of pepper in her soup.

Danny is talking to the photograph of his father again, saying Bobby could be useful in getting to know Morag and he’ll find a way to make her pay, very slowly. Morag returns, slightly breathless from the pepper-filled soup and complaining about the service at the Diner. Danny offers to get her a sandwich and she seems impressed.

Adam finds Matt waxing a board in the surf club store room and teases him a bit more about the bunyip but tells him he wants to know where he and his friends saw whatever it was. Matt says it was on the old Yabbie Creek road. Steven comes in and shows them his designs but Adam points out a flaw in it which would mean they’d need three metre pedals to move it and Steven realises he’s right. Unaware of this, Bobby, Carly and Viv are pouring over their copy of the design, with Carly suggesting they cover parts of it with cardboard so no-one will be able to tell it’s the same design. Lance and Martin arrive, with Lance wanting another big feed. Bobby offers him a bunyip burger or a cuddly bunyip, saying she and Ailsa have decided to cash in on the new crazy. Martin quietly reminds Lance not to tell anyone it was him.

Meanwhile, Adam is searching out where Matt and his friends saw Lance and finds the fur coat. Martin and Lance are about to leave the Diner when Adam appears and shows them a bag containing the coat and the Mars Bar wrapper he found. Martin tells Lance he’ll deal with it and sends him outside. Adam asks him which of them is the bunyip. Martin tries to look innocent.

Guest Cast