Episode 389

Australian Air Date: 7th September 1989
UK Air Date: 15th August 1990
Writer: Anthony Ellis
Director: Chris Sheil

Danny finds a way to pierce Morag’s armour, but Stacey does not have similar success with her father.

Ninth appearance, last seen in #270. Returned to Summer Bay for the Sands Resort opening.
Macklin receptionist who informed Tom of a waiting Pippa.

Extended Summary

Tom is working late in his office, making last minute arrangements for the resort opening. The receptionist, Sandra, comes in with a file and tells him that the programmes for the launch have arrived from the printers and Pippa is waiting for him, before heading off home. Tom goes through to the reception where Pippa has been looking through the files. He wants to check the programmes before he leaves but Pippa reminds him he’s got the next day to do that and he’s running himself into the ground. Tom agrees and they are preparing to head home when Gordon Macklin arrives, wanting to look over the arrangements. Pippa realises Tom isn’t going to be coming home any time soon and leaves them both to it.

At the Diner, Martin is trying to explain to Adam about the bunyip fiasco. Adam says they’ve been terrorising the town but Martin convinces him that Lance did it all by accident. He doesn’t want Adam to tell anyone because then Lance won’t do the gig. Adam agrees to keep quiet but says he’ll hold onto the fur coat just in case.

Danny is on the phone in reception at Morag’s office, making an appointment with a client, Mrs. Lessy. Morag overhears him and asks him to put the call through to her office but when he does so she finds he has already made all the arrangements. Danny shows her her appointment list for the next day and Morag is impressed by his efficiency. He says he has something to ask her and she thinks he’s after a pay rise but he just wants to leave early. Morag agrees.

Tom and Gordon are going over arrangements in the office. Gordon notes that Tom only invited the chairman and vice-chairman of the council planning committee to the opening, in order to keep costs down, and tells him to ring the others in the morning and invite them. He also thinks the company logo should be more prominent on the programme and is convinced he can motivate the printers to have a 24 hour turnaround. Tom isn’t sure about Image performing at the opening but Gordon thinks they will bring the kids in. He asks Tom for Stacey’s phone number; Tom offers him her address but Gordon doesn’t have time to go round. Andrew takes the call and, even though Stacey’s only in the next room, Gordon tells him to pass on the message. Andrew tells Stacey Gordon wants her in the foyer at 3pm prior to the opening. Stacey is annoyed at the assumption, saying Gordon only ever showers the family with presents and never gives them any attention. Martin arrives during her rant, to tell her about Adam and Lance being the bunyip and how he’s sorted it, but Stacey has other things on her mind. She phones Tom and gets him to tell Gordon that she won’t come to the opening unless he asks her in person.

Bobby tells Adam to leave the Diner because she’s closing early. Adam puts the fur coat on and sneaks into the kitchen, grabbing Bobby from behind so she thinks the bunyip’s attacking her. Bobby notes they could do with some more bunyip sightings to keep the publicity going and Adam sees her point. She asks where he got the coat from and he says it’s a family heirloom. Danny arrives and Adam leaves them to it. Bobby suggests they have something to eat before going to the movie. While they’re eating, Danny asks her why Morag hates her. Bobby explains how Morag lost both her job and her marriage when the news about her being Bobby’s mother came out and notes that Morag genuinely loved Richard.

Andrew is shocked to find Stacey is going out and she tells him Gordon’s stood her up enough times and she wants him to know what it’s like. Next morning, over breakfast, she tells him she went to the city. She apologises for leaving him to deal with Gordon but Andrew admits he never showed up and asks if she actually thought he would. Stacey did and sees it as evidence that Gordon really couldn’t care less.

Tom is showing Gordon around the resort where last minute construction is taking place. Gordon has put the wind up the printers and tells Tom to sack the pool maintenance people if they can’t fix the waterfall on time. Stacey arrives and asks to speak to Gordon. They head up to the office where Stacey berates Gordon for never paying them any attention. Gordon says she and Brett never wanted for anything but Stacey says he never spent any time with them, he just expected her to go to finishing school and become a businessman’s trophy wife. She went into business to try and impress him but now she’s realised that’s not the life she wants. She tells him she loves him but it’s hard to love a father who’s never said he loves her.

Morag arrives back at the office after finalising a property deal, telling Danny they got it for $10,000 less than it was worthy. Danny tells her there’s been a delivery and she finds a bouquet of flowers on her desk. On reading the card, she phones Richard to thank him for them only to learn he didn’t send them and still wants nothing to do with her. She puts the phone down, upset, unaware Danny has been listening in on the other line.

Tom and Gordon are sharing a drink in the office. Gordon brushes off talk of Stacey’s visit and wants to press on with the arrangements but Tom says he’s an hour and a half late for evening meal. Gordon thinks his speech should take precedence but Tom points out it’s nine o’clock at night and he’s not going to lose sight of what’s most important: family life. Gordon goes round to see Stacey and apologises. She hugs him.