Episode 390

Australian Air Date: 8th September 1989
UK Air Date: 16th August 1990
Writer: Anthony Ellis
Director: Chris Sheil

Lance turns the supergroup’s first public appearance into a fiasco, and Stacey is surprised to discover that her father is human after all.

Extended Summary

At Stacey’s flat, Gordon admits she was right about him being preoccupied with his work but refers to it as a “slight breakdown in communication” and says his schedule isn’t elastic enough for getaways in the Bay. Stacey says he will never change and accuses him of manipulating her to be at the grand opening of the Sands Resort. She will attend, but with someone she chooses and not as his dutiful daughter.

Tom is complaining about the rehearsal of Living Without Your Love which can be heard coming from outside. Pippa says it’s a big day for Image tomorrow. She rubs Tom’s head but then the music gets louder and he gets up, saying that’s it.

A truckie leaves the Diner but comes back in and says there is a bunyip outside in the shadows.

Alf barges into the resort office the following morning and accuses Gordon of being behind the “New Bunyip Shock” headline on the cover of the Summer Bay Courier as a way of generating tourism. Gordon assures him the Macklin Corporation doesn’t stoop to shabby theatrics. Alf asks what about Image then and mentions Lance and Martin. Gordon is disturbed to learn that Martin is part of the group. Nina arrives and Tom tells Alf they had better get out of here.

At Stacey’s flat Martin can’t wait to get up on stage but Marilyn is more nervous than on her seventh driving test! Martin realises he has forgotten the backing tapes and goes leaves to get them. Lance sees the story on the front of the paper about the bunyip; so he can’t be the bunyip after all. Martin, Nina and Stacey have all conned him into doing the gig.

Adam is leaving flyers for his bunyip hunting tours at the resort but Tom gives him five minutes to clear off. Tom is obviously stressed about the opening.

Martin returns to the flat with the backing tapes; one with and one without vocals. Lance confronts him about the article but Martin says he’ll thank him one day; they’re going to be megastars. Nina arrives and says she has pacified Gordon. She insults Marilyn’s hair and introduces Charlotte and Marcus who are here to do their makeup. When they’ve all left the room, Lance says he will show them and switches the backing tapes!

Ailsa pops into the Diner to check Carly still doesn’t want to go to the opening. She and Alf leave.

Pippa calls out to Sally that she’s off now but Sally is sulking because she’s not in this episode and there is no reply! A chauffeur arrives to pick up Pippa.

There are some excited Image fans at the resort. Gordon greets Alf, Ailsa and Pippa. Pippa says she was hoping to meet his wife but Gordon says she’s unable to attend. Stacey and Andrew arrive and Gordon tells Stacey she’s causing him embarrassment by not presenting a united Macklin front. Nina tells Stacey that Brad the music journalist from Solid Rock is here.

Adam arrives at the deserted Diner. He doesn’t want to be at the boring opening but Carly says she wouldn’t mind. Adam suggests they close up shop and have a little party of their own.

Gordon is making a speech by the resort pool, saying they overcame initial ill-informed opposition from some over-zealous locals! He introduces Image and Lance, Martin and Marilyn come on stage and start dancing and miming… to music without any vocals! Gordon radios for the microphones to be turned on and tells the group to sing. They sound awful and Gordon thinks it is hilarious. Nina looks horrified but Stacey bursts into laughter and shares a moment with her father.

Stacey finds Gordon in his office later and tells him it was good to see him laugh. Gordon says he is human and that Stacey misunderstood him last night. Stacey says perhaps she should give him time. Gordon offers Stacey his arm to return to the party.

Outside, Nina is trying to convince Brad that there were technical difficulties and the band were exhausted and nervous. Brad assures her he won’t tell it how it was.

Back at the flat, Martin and Marilyn are yelling at a rather amused Lance who has ruined Marilyn’s chances of meeting the Queen Mum and playing with her corgis! Lance says the damage is done and there’s nothing they can do about it now but Martin tells him not to count on it.

An exhausted Tom pours a drink in the office and takes a call from Nina. Gordon returns and compliments Tom on how well things went. He leaves to play mini golf with Stacey, passing Pippa coming out of the lift. Pippa finds Tom collapsed on the office floor.

Guest Cast

Tenth appearance, last seen in #389. Tried to show Stacey his caring side.

Second appearance, last seen in #379. Showed up at the Sands Resort opening featuring Image.

Drove a chuffed Pippa to the Sands Resort launch.

Diner patron who swore blind to seeing a bunyip.