Episode 387

Australian Air Date: 5th September 1989
UK Air Date: 13th August 1990
Writer: Maureen Ann Moran
Director: Michael Ailwood

Outraged by chauvinist attitudes, Ailsa and Bobby decide to take up the challenge of a raft race, and there are further sightings of the Bunyip.

Extended Summary

Viv motions Lance to get away from the window so Donald doesn’t see him, and covers for him by telling Donald she ate all the leftover chicken in the middle of the night! She claims she’s getting used to being allowed to eat all she likes without asking and asks if she can have two sandwiches for lunch.

Pippa has arrived at the Diner to calm Sally down and assures her the only monster in Summer Bay is the one from the movie last night. Sally insists she saw a monster this morning and Ailsa says it sounds like Marilyn has found a convert.

Donald notices that the side door is open. Viv tells him to wait in the car and she will check everything else. She lets Lance in and gives him more food.

Alf, Matt and Adam are in the surf club workshop. Some rats have chewed through the dinghy and Alf doesn’t think the club can afford a new one; they will have to think about fundraising ideas. Adam jokes that they can put on a freak show if they find Marilyn’s monster. Matt mentions Sally claims to have seen it too. Alf says it may have been the Summer Bay bunyip; Jeremiah Jackson told him about it when he was a kid. Matt takes him seriously and says he’d better spread the word.

At the school, Adam tells Steven, Viv and Bradley about the bunyip. Steven and Bradley say there’s no such thing but Viv wonders if the greenhouse effect made something mutate and Adam stirs things by saying three people have seen it so there must be something at it.

Sally shows Kim where she saw the monster at the bus stop but Kim doesn’t believe her. Matt pulls up and says Bob Barnett is out looking for the monster now. They notice some bones and Matt says it looks like the monster tore a chicken apart and ate it!

Alf is eating lunch at the Diner and telling Ailsa and Bobby about the surf boat. Bobby takes a phone call and seems disappointed it’s not for her. A Courier reporter called Trevor comes in and asks Alf what he thinks about the monster. Alf admits he was only pulling Matt’s leg about the bunyip; anyone who believed it would have to be soft in the head. Trevor realises this means him!

Lance surfaces, apparently having had a nap, and wearing Donald’s dressing gown. He turns the radio on and hears a piece about the bunyip. Lance scratches his head and the dressing gown splits under the arm.

Bobby jumps up to answers the Diner phone again but it’s just Martin looking for Lance. Ailsa asks Bobby why she doesn’t call Danny as it’s obvious she is dying for him to call. Matt runs in to warn them about the bunyip and runs out again.

At the school, Alf is talking to Donald about the fundraiser and Adam suggests a do-it-yourself raft regatta. Steven asks Viv if she wants to go to the movies tonight but Viv says she’s seeing Matt. Steven tells Bradley that Viv is just playing hard to get but Bradley says she’s playing the field!

Back at the house in the evening, Viv lectures Lance for leaving beer bottles lying around and splitting Donald’s dressing gown. She gives him some food from the tuck shop and tells him to make sure he’s out of here before Donald gets home. Lance is worried about the bunyip but he can’t go home because Nina will force him to perform.

Alf tells Matt and Adam at the surf club he’s come up with six or seven sponsors for the regatta. He’s going to get Tom to donate a weekend at the resort for the prize. Lance creeps in unnoticed.

At Summer Bay House, Steven is reading the paper and can’t believe they have printed a story about the bunyip. Pippa says it’s word-for-word what Sally told her; it must have been Marilyn who told the reporter. She worries the story will overshadow the resort opening.

Lance puts on his ski mask and fur coat. The light outside the doors goes out and we hear Lance’s thoughts, worrying it may be the bunyip. He climbs into the boat and pulls a tarp over himself.

At the Diner, Ailsa is put out that the she isn’t on Alf’s list of sponsors. Matt meets Viv and hey leave for their date. Bobby offers Adam herself as a recruit for his raft team but Adam says the team is men only. Alf tells Ailsa he’s not against her sponsoring a team but all the manpower is taken. Ailsa defiantly says she’ll sponsor an all women team, much to Bobby’s delight.

Adam goes to see Steven who agrees to help Adam design a raft. Pippa tells Steven that homework comes first. Adam leaves and Sally comes running downstairs claiming that she saw the bunyip in her room!

Matt takes Viv to the surf club workshop and kisses her in the darkness. Viv pushes Matt away and admits that she’s inexperienced. Lance looks out from under the tarp and sees the reflective green eyes from Viv’s t-shirt. He reaches out and gets his fingers trapped in one of the rat traps. He screams in pain and runs out, leaving Viv terrified.

Matt and Viv go to the Diner where Alf tells Matt he was only kidding about the bunyip but Matt and Viv are now convinced it exists! Matt leaves to go and catch the bunyip with his mate’s guard dogs. Lance runs through the darkness as barking dogs come after him. He thinks Stacey has put mad dogs onto him!

Guest Cast

Third and final appearance, last seen in #301. Refused to believe Sally’s bunyip stories.

Second appearance, last seen in #355. Ribbed Steven over Viv’s interest in Matt.

Reporter for the ‘Summer Bay Courier’. Quizzed Alf, Ailsa and Bobby over the Summer Bay bunyip.


  • Ailsa speaks to Bob Barnett off-screen about police matters (even though we were introduced to Chris Hale in #383)

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