Episode 367

Australian Air Date: 8th August 1989
UK Air Date: 16th July 1990
Writer: Alister Webb
Director: Chris Sheil

Dodge talks Sally into helping him plan a special occasion, and Steven and Viv find themselves locked into an awkward situation.

Steven’s cleaning employer who accidentally locked him and Viv in an office apartment.

Extended Summary

Viv goes with Steven to see if she can get a job as a cleaner.

Dodge is sad – he still thinks he’s going to get kicked out of the Fletcher house.

Adam seems confident about the beach inspector job, despite Matt’s uncle being the interviewer.

Sally is excited about getting adopted by Tom & Pippa. Tom rings Miss Molloy to see what they have to do to make it legal. She tells them there is just a bit of paperwork. Tom asks Sally if she can live with Dodge and still be happy. She says she’ll try.

Steven talks to his boss about giving Viv a job. He says no. Viv offers to work for free as a trial. He says if she does a good job, she can work there also.

Tom talks to Dodge and tells him he doesn’t have to move out as long as he can live together with Sally peacefully. Pippa hopes he doesn’t let the family down. Sally and Dodge shake hands.

Viv asks Donald if she can keep the job. She tells him she can start tomorrow if she’s allowed. He says O.K.

Adam asks Matt about joining the Surf Life-Saving Club. Matt also seems pretty confident about the beach inspector job and suggests Bobby should start looking for someone else to work at the Diner.

Pippa is still worried about Dodge and Sally. She never wants to see Sally that distressed again. Sally wakes up and Pippa didn’t even realise she was still home. Sally tells Pippa she has to write a note for being late to school and that it has to say Sally Fletcher on it!

Dodge makes fun of the school Janitor. (funny scene)

Steven and Viv start their cleaning.

Dodge has an idea for Tom & Pippa’s wedding anniversary. He gets Sally to be a part of it. They seem to get along fine.

Steven kisses Viv in a small closet. Viv is uncomfortable probably because it reminds her of the cupboard she used to get locked in. They go out of the closet and realise their boss must have already been in. The door is locked and the phones aren’t working because it’s after hours. They are trapped.

Trent Wursthorn

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