Episode 368

Australian Air Date: 9th August 1989
UK Air Date: 17th July 1990
Writer: Alister Webb
Director: Chris Sheil

Viv and Steven are taunted by their schoolmates, and Matt’s uncle exerts his influence at the council.

First appearance. Sylvia’s husband. Matt’s uncle and local councilor. Informed Matt that he had secured the job of beach inspector.
Arrived at the office to find Steven and Viv locked inside.
Return episode, last seen in #351. Began causing trouble for Viv and Steven.

> Rex Wilson closes down Andrew’s counselling centre at the back of the Diner due to hygiene concerns.

Extended Summary

At 11:00pm, Pippa wonders where Steven is. Carly says he’s probably out enjoying himself.

Viv is upset because it’s her first job and she thinks Mr. Fisher will be angry.

Stacey gets the photos back and has to choose 3 decent ones. Andrew tells her he is happy the youth centre is paying off. He also wishes her luck trying to find any photos that look good!

Lance, Martin and Marilyn try and rehearse their song but Lance wants to go to bed and Marilyn doesn’t remember what to do.

When Donald wakes up, he notices Viv never came home last night. He phones Pippa to see if Viv is over there and Pippa realises Steven isn’t home either.

Someone finally opens the door for Steven and Viv and they are eventually allowed to go home.

Mr. Fisher tells Viv off for what she did, but Viv starts crying because it wasn’t her fault. Donald apologises for making her cry.

Pippa talks to Steven about what happened. Steve is worried he’s going to get a “birds & bees” lecture from Tom.

Marilyn tells Carly about all the money she might make if the group is successful. Carly is depressed because she’s working at the Diner.

Nina arrives at Lance & Martin’s house to see how they’re going with the song. Marilyn is late.

A guy at school finds out about Steve and Viv being locked up together all night.

Carly asks Andrew what she should do about her crappy job. Andrew tells her to be patient until the resort opens up. She might be able to get a job there.

Matt’s Uncle Rex (the interviewer for the beach inspector job) tells Matt he got the job.

Image is ready to perform what they have rehearsed. Nina and Stacey are surprised when they start performing the song. They get told they are just supposed to mime to the backing tape.

Uncle Rex is talking to Matt and notices Andrew’s youth centre backs on to the Diner’s kitchen.

Nina tells Lance and Martin they have to do something with their hands when they’re singing. Nina and Stacey leave. Lance is thinking of pulling out. Marilyn tells him not to because it’s her dream to be a star.

Viv gets harassed at school but Steven sticks up for her.

Ailsa gets a phone call from “Uncle Rex” about violating a Public Health Code. She tells Andrew he’ll have to move the youth centre somewhere else.

Trent Wursthorn

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