Episode 369

Australian Air Date: 10th August 1989
UK Air Date: 18th July 1990
Writer: Carla Kettner
Director: Chris Sheil

Tension mounts between Matt and Adam, while Bobby and Ailsa are surprised by Dodge’s thoughtful nature.

Extended Summary

Viv is upset by the boys making fun of her at school. Bobby comforts her.

Dodge wants to know about the 60s from Ailsa. Andrew tells everyone the council is definitely closing down the youth centre even though they were the ones funding it.

Don asks Viv if she wants him to address the whole class, but she says no.

Matt gives Andrew the phone number of someone who might have a new location for him.

In the diner, Dodge and some friends of his pick on Viv. Bobby kicks the group out. Fisher and Bobby don’t know what to do about Viv and the teasing because she has a low self-esteem. Fisher addresses the whole class at school about teasing and warns them.

Bobby is offered a skiing trip from Narelle over the phone. It would be for two weeks but Bobby doesn’t want to leave Ailsa to run the Diner by herself. Ailsa, Carly & Adam all think she should go.

Dodge asks Fisher about the 60s.

Bobby tells Narelle she won’t be going.

Andrew tells Ailsa the new location for the youth centre he was hoping for is no longer available. He finds out from Morag she was the one who took the location for office space.

Carly phones Narelle to find out if she could go skiing instead of Bobby. It will cost $300 but Carly says she’ll get the money.

Morag goes to Fisher’s house to promote her law firm business she is starting up. Fisher asks her about Tammy’s situation (Viv’s sister). Morag tells him there’s nothing he can do.

Andrew decides to set up the youth centre at his home. Carly manages to get the $300 from Andrew.

Dodge asks Bobby and Ailsa if it’s possible to hire the Diner. They say absolutely no. Then Dodge reveals it’s for Tom & Pippa. It’s a surprise 60s wedding anniversary.

Trent Wursthorn

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