Episode 370

Australian Air Date: 11th August 1989
UK Air Date: 19th July 1990
Writer: Carla Kettner
Director: Chris Sheil

Martin hears some news which will put an end to Lance’s love affair, and Tom and Pippa are overwhelmed by a well-planned surprise.

> Tom and Pippa’s wedding anniversary is in this episode.

Extended Summary

Sally tells Steven about the 60s party Dodge has planned for Tom and Pippa’s anniversary. Carly shows Steven the $300 she’s borrowing from Andrew. Steven gets angry because if she goes on the ski trip, she’ll miss the anniversary party.

Martin is annoyed with Lance’s constant bad dancing.

Ailsa gets out costumes for the 60s party. The kids try them on. Steven tells everyone Carly can’t make it.

Carly tells Tom and Pippa about the ski trip. They are disappointed that she isn’t looking for a job.

Martin places an ad in the paper to sell his gym equipment.

Tom and Pippa nearly catch the kids getting the costumes ready. Bobby warns Carly that if she goes on the ski trip, her job might not be waiting for her when she gets back.

Dodge gets the party organised with Bobby, Sally and Steven. When they realise they will be $100 short for the present they were getting Tom and Pippa, Carly pitches in from her ski trip money and decides to cancel the trip and come to the party.

When Morag goes to Lance’s house to pick up Marilyn, he pulls Morag around giving her a grand tour. (funny scene with thong and hubcap collection!)

Stacey is shocked when she gets Andrew’s youth centre calls. She finds out he’s going to be running it from home. Stacey is angry with him for not asking her first.

Lance is upset with Martin because he never gets time with Marilyn alone.

Tom and Pippa think everyone has forgotten their anniversary. At the diner, Dodge cancels Tom and Pippa’s dinner appointment. Ailsa rings them up and calls them to the diner. They arrive to a 60s party with the kids dressed up in longhair wigs and sunglasses.

Martin asks Stacey if Nina likes him. Stacey tells him Nina doesn’t tolerate relationships in the group.

Tom and Pippa get presents and a photo of them from the 60s.

Trent Wursthorn

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