Episode 329

Australian Air Date: 15th June 1989
UK Air Date: 21st May 1990
Writer: Alister Webb
Director: Tina Butler

Celia agonises over a moral dilemma and earns Roo’s total contempt when she takes the law into her own hands.

Found Alf and Tom’s beached lifeboat.
Found Alf and Tom’s beached lifeboat.
Found Alf and Tom half-dead in the bushland.
Found Alf and Tom half-dead in the bushland.

Extended Summary

Pippa visits Ailsa and her new baby in hospital.

Frank comes to his office and finds Roo crying. They talk about Alf and Simon too.

Fisher shows Celia a map where they will look for Alf and Tom.

Sally makes a drawing of all Fletchers. She misses Tom very much.

Pippa looks at family photos. (Music plays)

Alf and Tom continue to try to find out where they are and get help. They are in even worse condition now and they’re both very worried.

Tom says he can’t go on any more but will give it another try anyway. (Emotional music plays)

Martin is in temporary charge of the office since Tom isn’t there.

Celia phones police and let them know where Simon is even though she promised Roo she wouldn’t tell the police.

Roo find out and get very upset.

Two fishermen find Tom and Alf’s lifeboat at beach.

Frank talks to Roo in Diner and he holds her hand mainly to give her comfort since she is feeling very down.

Roo and Frank visit Ailsa and the baby in hospital.

Ailsa talks to Roo. Ailsa can’t feel any maternal feelings for her baby and say she almost wishes she hadn’t had the baby.

Roo think she is feeling that way just because Alf is missing.

Fisher tells Ailsa that the search party found Alf and Tom’s boat so the chances of finding Alf and Tom will be increased.

Pippa find out the boat have been find.

Tom and Alf rest in forest. They feel they are nearly out of hope.

Martin has accidentally destroyed a confidential document and it was the original. It was only the copies of it that were meant to be destroyed. Frank and Roo get angry with Martin.

Sally has started to talk to her imaginary friend Milko again. She had originally stopped doing that a long time ago.

Alf and Tom are found. Searchers check if they are alive by checking their pulse. They seem unconscious.

Ola Carlsson, 1999

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