Episode 330

Australian Air Date: 16th June 1989
UK Air Date: 22nd May 1990
Writer: Alister Webb
Director: Tina Butler

Morag makes an untypically compassionate gesture, and Frank and Roo fall into a surprisingly passionate embrace.

Released Ailsa from hospital following Duncan’s birth.

Extended Summary

Roo and Frank tell Lance and Bobby about Martin putting the paperwork through the shredder. Frank will have to work late with Roo to retype it all. Bobby is very upset. Lance says it’s the same with him and Marilyn. Bobby tells Frank that Matt saw him with Roo the other day and Bobby is suspicious.
Pippa tells Carly that Milko is back. They get a phone call telling them Tom & Alf have been found. Pippa goes to the hospital to tell Ailsa. Tom & Alf are in Mangrove Bay hospital with exposure. Ailsa gets out of bed saying she’s well enough to leave. She wants the hospital to babysit. Morag gets a seaplane ready.

Andrew Foley suspects Bobby’s marriage is in trouble. He tries to give her advice.

Tom & Alf get the visitors they’ve been waiting for. Alf sees that Ailsa has had her baby. They talk about the baby and that Martin is acting manager.

At Morag’s place, Marilyn tries to serve coffee and port, but Morag tells her off. She tries to teach Marilyn some decorum.

Frank is working slowly on the report. He looks at Roo’s diary and remembers flashbacks of when they first met, as well as when they almost got married and when he married Bobby.

Ailsa gets home and thinks about what she’s going to do with the baby at the hospital.

Frank prints the report the next morning and tells Roo about the long hours he was up.

Bobby tells Andrew that talking to Frank didn’t work. She admits to Andrew that she doesn’t want to save the marriage.

Marilyn tells Lance that Morag is teaching her new things (manners and etiquette). She breaks up with him.

Lance goes to Morag’s place to offer to pay for the vase Marilyn broke. Morag tells him she can stop working at any time but she wants to work there.

Marilyn slaps Lance in the Diner and tells him off for going to Morag’s place.

Ailsa tells Pippa she doesn’t know what’s wrong with her. She doesn’t want to bring the baby home.

Frank gets a call from Head Office of Macklin and gets a promotion. He tells Roo then after a hug, they kiss.

Trent Wursthorn, 2001

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