Episode 331

Australian Air Date: 19th June 1989
UK Air Date: 23rd May 1990
Writer: Anthony Ellis
Director: Riccardo Pellizerri

Bobby plans a special romantic evening and Ailsa turns to Morag for help.

Extended Summary

Frank got the news that he will be taking over as manager instead of Martin until Tom get back to work.

Frank and Roo are very happy about the news. Roo hug Frank and they kiss as well! (Music plays)

Ailsa have had a bad attack of post-natal depression. Pippa is over at Alf’s house with her. Ailsa was supposed to have picked up her baby from hospital but haven’t done it. Ailsa think it is something more than just post-natal depressions. She will talk to a doctor about it.

Roo is upset of kissing Frank and walks out of the Macklin office. Frank tries to talk to her about what happened.

Fisher talks to Bobby if she is having problems with Frank. Bobby acts as if it is nothing but after a while Bobby talks to Fisher about when he broke up with Barbara and the reasons why. Bobby is worried about her and Frank’s marriage.

Marilyn has caught a cold and is sneezing a lot in Morag’s house. She talks a lot (as usual) to Morag. Morag seem happy that Marilyn is working in her house anyway.

Roo comes to Frank’s office. Bobby is there and is planning a surprise romantic dinner for Frank later on. Roo comes in just as Frank and Bobby kiss.

Pippa and Christopher come over to Alf’s house since Ailsa and Pippa is supposed to go and pick up Ailsa’s baby now but no one is there.

Ailsa comes to Morag. Ailsa are having real bad post-natal depressions and explains to Morag that she feel as if she don’t want to her own baby. Ailsa cries. Marilyn wonders what is wrong.

Pippa is worried where Ailsa is. It seems Ailsa have picked up her baby from the hospital according to a nurse at the hospital.

Franks is in office and think back of when he fell in love with Bobby and their wedding etc. (Lots of footage from earlier episodes is shown while emotional music plays)

Marilyn has bought heaps of baby diapers and toys for Ailsa’s baby. She runs into Pippa who was in a phone booth.

Morag will help Ailsa look after the baby with a nanny since Ailsa can’t take care of her baby at the moment. Ailsa will be staying at Morag’s house for a while.

Bobby comes to Frank’s office and gives him a big bunch of flowers. (Emotional music)

Bobby has rented a limousine with driver and they go on romantic dinner into the forest and they eat fish and chips and drink coke (she organised everything just as how Frank did for Bobby before their wedding!).

Bobby and Frank say to each other that they still love each other but when they hug it seems as if Frank is not really meaning it anymore.

Roo comes over to talk to Ailsa at Morag’s house. Roo think it is a bad idea that Ailsa’s baby should be in Morag’s house and don’t think it will be properly looked after. Marilyn walks around in Morag’s house with a protection strapped over her mouth to prevent not spreading her cold to any other persons! (Looks pretty funny!)

Frank can’t pretend anymore that he still really loves Bobby. They argue a bit about why they can’t get on well like they used to. Bobby is worried and asks what is happening between them and says they need to talk about it.

Ola Carlsson, 1999