Episode 328

Australian Air Date: 14th June 1989
UK Air Date: 18th May 1990
Writer: Elizabeth Coleman
Director: Tina Butler

A traumatised Ailsa rebels against the arrival of her baby, while Alf and Tom cling desperately to life.

First episode. Alf and Ailsa’s son. Born in this episode.
Second appearance, last seen in #326. Covered the search for Alf and Tom.
Oversaw Duncan’s birth.
Wendy O’Donnell’s predecessor.

Extended Summary

The searching for Tom and Alf are shown on television in Summer Bay. Morag are watching it.

Ailsa are in hospital and will be giving birth to her baby. Roo is with her to give her some support.

Celia comes to hospital and insist she will be there to help Ailsa through the birth but Ailsa say she want Roo to be in there with her all the time instead of Celia.

Celia phones Morag and she will also come to the hospital.

Pippa is making a new dress for Sally but Sally doesn’t want a new dress. Pippa is emotionally upset over Tom but is still very convinced Tom will come back.

Morag turns up at the hospital.

Sally is out on beach and is looking for Tom and Alf with a binocular. Lance comes down to beach as well and talks to Sally.

Tom and Alf are in a small emergency boat with life jackets on. They drift near land and Alf wakes up. He wakes Tom. They are in very bad condition.

Alf leads Tom up to land and they rest there.

Morag and Celia are both in hospital and are arguing all the time and can’t get along.

Roo comes out and tell Morag and Celia that Ailsa have given birth to the baby now. It is a boy and is of 7 pounds weight. Ailsa got through the birth of it ok.

Celia phones Pippa and let her know that Ailsa have given birth to the baby.

Andrew Foley tells Pippa that the search party is scaled down since Tom and Alf haven’t been found over so many days.

Tom and Alf talks and are very worried and they are both in very bad shape.

Celia looks at Ailsa’s baby.

Martin comes to hospital with flowers to Ailsa. Roo cries since she is missing Alf a lot. And she misses Simon too. Martin comforts her.

Sally and Lance tell Pippa that they will play ping-pong at Tom and Pippa’s house. Pippa get an outburst after a while and yell: “We will maybe never see Tom again and all you think of is a ping-pong table.”

She yells at them to shut up. Pippa is very angry.

After a while Pippa have calmed down. She apologises to Sally and Lance and explains to Sally why she got so angry. She makes Sally realize the outburst was due to her being worried sick about Tom.

Sally asks Lance how he thinks it is up in heaven. He say he think it must be great up in heaven. (Music plays)

Celia find Roo’s letter that she got from Simon and reads it. Roo get upset. Celia wants to inform police but Roo begs her not to so Celia doesn’t call the police.

Tom and Alf will try to find out where they are. Alf leads Tom and they start walking. Tom can barely walk.

Ola Carlsson, 1999

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