Episode 267

Australian Air Date: 21st March 1989
UK Air Date: 22nd February 1990
Writer: Greg Haddrick
Director: Tina Butler

Martin is embarrassed by Lance’s childish behaviour. Morag’s upcoming housewarming party causes a stir in Summer Bay.

First episode. Morag’s blind assistant employed at her mansion. Developed a special bond with Celia.
Schoolgirl asked by Lance for the whereabouts of Mr.Fisher.

> 6 days pass between #266 and #267.
> Morag has now moved into the Blaxland Mansion.

Extended Summary

(6 days later)

Morag has sent out invitations for a party at her new house. Celia calls over to Morag’s house and rips her invitation to pieces in front of her to show her what she thinks of her. Morag has a personal assistant working in her house, who is a blind man called Nigel Jaggart. When Celia first saw Nigel, she thought he was a gangster from his black glasses he is wearing and she didn’t know that he is blind!

Martin starts working in Stacey’s office (Macklin Development).

Lance comes to school and talks to Fisher. He wants to join Martin’s night classes. Fisher says no.

Fisher visits Morag. He also got an invitation to her party that will be held soon. He says he will come to the party.

Celia talks to Roo in Stacey’s office. She tries to change Roo’s mind about living with Morag.

Fisher asks Morag to invite Bobby to the party as well. Morag says she already has invited her!

Bobby sees her invitation and is suspicious.

Morag is writing a book with help from Nigel (Nigel is typing while she comes up with ideas and story).

Bobby didn’t want to come to Morag’s party at first but changes her mind. She has come up with a way to get back at Morag.

Bobby phones Morag and says she will come to the party. It seems Morag has something planned as well!

Ola Carlsson, 1999

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