Episode 266

Australian Air Date: 20th March 1989
UK Air Date: 21st February 1990
Writer: Greg Haddrick
Director: Tina Butler

Carly is falling under Andrew’s spell and Morag faces a series of rejections.

Second and final appearance, last seen in #241. Argued with Morag over the future of their house, following his decision to separate from her after the Bobby expose.
Sold a $3,000 desk to Morag.
Fellow legal colleague of Morag’s who snobbed her off in the restaurant.
Fellow legal colleague of Morag’s who snobbed her off in the restaurant.
Waited on Morag and Roo in the restaurant.
Served at Morag and Roo’s restaurant.

Extended Summary

Morag and Roo are out shopping. Morag spoils Roo and buys expensive stuff for her (music plays).

Carly tells Tom and Pippa that Andrew Foley is her therapist.

Sally is out playing in the garden. Andrew turns up and talks to her there.

When Andrew arrives at the door, he overhears Tom, Pippa and Carly arguing. Tom and Pippa think it is a bad idea for Carly to have Andrew as her therapist in case she gets to close to him again. Andrew comes back a bit later without them knowing he heard it.

When Morag and Roo come home, they see Alf’s car is parked near Morag’s house. Alf talks to Morag and Richard. Alf wants Richard to change Roo’s mind about living with Morag.

Morag and Richard argue. She cries since they have split up. Richard wants her to take her things from the house since she’s moving into her new house with Roo (emotional music plays).

Richard tells Roo that she would be better off staying away from Morag.

Andrew and Carly are in the Diner drinking coffee. They talk about reasons behind her alcohol problem.

Sally plays with a hoopla and shows Tom and Pippa how good she is with it. Sally tells them that Andrew heard them arguing with Carly about him.

Morag shows Roo her first wedding anniversary present from Richard. She drops it deliberately and it gets wrecked. Roo is shocked!

Ola Carlsson, 1999

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