Episode 265

Australian Air Date: 17th March 1989
UK Air Date: 20th February 1990
Writer: Elizabeth Coleman
Director: Tina Butler

Lance regrets a lost friendship and Alf grieves the loss of Roo’s love.

Extended Summary

Martin and Leanne are enjoying their relationship again now and they act like they first did when they met.

Martin and Leanne go over to Stacey’s office. Martin wants to impress Stacey to try to get a job there. He uses a typewriter in Stacey’s office and writes down some employment references to be able to get a job.

Alf and Ailsa are troubled as Roo won’t forgive them.

Morag has left a note for Celia. Morag and Roo have moved out of Celia’s house and they are moving into the new mansion Morag bought when the building work is completed.

Stacey thinks Martin’s way of never giving up is admirable and she thinks of giving him a chance to work in her office.

Tom tells Martin he got the job in Macklin Development. Martin is moving out of Lance’s place. Lance is depressed because of Martin moving out.

Lance talks to Pippa about it and he cries a bit! Sally walks in and notices he has been crying.

Alf plays golf and had some luck as he managed to get a hole in one! But he isn’t really happy about it; he is so worried as to how to get Roo to forgive him.

Alf and Ailsa drive over to Morag’s new house. Alf tells Morag he will not by any means allow Morag to get her claws into Roo.

Ola Carlsson, 1999

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