Episode 56

Australian Air Date: 4th April 1988
UK Air Date: 1st May 1989
Writer: Lyn Ogilvy
Director: Mark Piper

Barlow plays the injured party as Sandra presses charges. Steven and Sandra face the painful prospect of separation.

Thirteenth appearance, last seen in #47. Chatted to Sam about Sandra’s bashing injuries.

Extended Summary

Lynn comes back from the church and puts up her pictures of Jesus.

Frank and Tom have made a sign to put up so people will know where the school dance will be held. They notice the arrows on it are in wrong directions! Lynn notices it too. Meanwhile, Steven is giving Pippa a hand with the boxes; she is preparing them for the school dance.

Sandra is in hospital and talks to her mother. She says Sandra’s father wants to see her but Sandra won’t let him. She says they have enough evidence to take him to court if Kerry also owns up about the truth. Kerry says she can’t go through with it.

Steven visits Sandra in hospital. He gives her flowers and she is happy.

Sam talks to Bob and invites him to his house to have a few beers. Barnett goes to Barlow’s house. Sam tells Barnett that he wants to see Sandra and ask if there is something Barnett can do about it. Barnett says there is nothing he can do. Sam owns up and says he might have hit Sandra lightly in the past but he insists he didn’t hit her this time when it got very serious. Barnett doesn’t believe him.

Ailsa calls into the hospital to visit see Sandra, but leaves them alone after seeing Steven there.

Tom gets a phone call and the news that a whole bus load of people will come to the caravan park. Tom says to Frank, “Sorry, it looks like the dance is off”.

Steven sees Sam in the waiting room in hospital. Sam notices Steven and asks, “Is there something you want to say, boy?” Steven looks angry and walks away.

Tom, Pippa and Frank try to come up with an idea for another place to have the dance in.

Pippa tells Frank and Tom that she got an idea. She asks Frank mysteriously if he still can pick a lock!

Ola Carlsson, 1999

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