Episode 57

Australian Air Date: 5th April 1988
UK Air Date: 2nd May 1989
Writer: Lyn Ogilvy
Director: Mark Piper

Ailsa puts her plan into action, while Bobby tries to glamorize herself.

First appearance. Anglican minister. Took part in the tennis competition.
First appearance. Old schoolfriend of Celia’s. Offered some pickles to Reverend Flowers.
Fourteenth appearance, last seen in #56. Took part in the tennis competition.

Extended Summary

Alf and Ailsa arrive in the coach. They’re going to the tennis finals. Celia is there as well. Fisher arrives late.

Pippa and Frank sneak behind a corner at the church hall and when everybody has left in the bus to the tennis finals, Frank opens the lock to the church hall with a lock pick.

Tom puts up another sign for the place of the school dance. The sign now says, “New Venue: Church Hall”.

Lance, Martin, Tom and Bobby move the instruments and PA systems that will be used at the church hall. Lance has trouble carrying them and accidentally drops them!

The Nutter phones the Fletchers again and Martin answers. Martin doesn’t take the call seriously and acts very arrogant to the Nutter.

In the church hall, Pippa is sweeping the floor. Frank unpicks the lick for Celia’s bike and cirlcles around her on it!

When Martin, Lance, Tom and Bobby arrive at the church hall, Frank and Pippa are there. When everyone moves the musical instruments inside, Lance accidentally drops a box with glasses! Martin says, “Can’t you do anything right?!”

In the coach, everyone sings along except Fisher, who does not seem to like their singing. When Alf and the rest of the tennis players are on their way home after the match, Alf mysteriously unplugs something from the bus so it stops. He tells the people in the bus that there’s something wrong with it. They pull over and Alf pretends that there is actually something wrong with the bus (Alf and Ailsa had planned it just so Fisher shouldn’t be able to spoil the school dance!).

Frank asks Bobby if she is ready to go to the school dance. She is ready and she will go in her regular clothes. Carly says a few cruel things to her. Bobby goes out to her caravan and cries. Pippa comes in and talks to her. She offers Bobby to use some of her clothes. Bobby accepts after a while.

Fisher, Alf and the players have made a fire out in the woods and sit around it. Fisher seems to be unhappy.

Bobby leaves her caravan and grabs her makeup.

The Nutter comes into the church hall while it is empty (before the dance has started) and he puts a letter in the drum kit (you don’t get to see his face on screen; tense music plays).

Ola Carlsson, 1999

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