Episode 55

Australian Air Date: 1st April 1988
UK Air Date: 28th April 1989
Writer: Greg Stevens
Director: Mandy Smith

Carly challenges Lynn to eat meat on Good Friday. Meanwhile, Sandra is determined to provide the authorities with evidence of child abuse.

Second appearance, last seen in #35. Admitted the Barlows to Sunday mass.

Extended Summary

Celia gives Ailsa a hard time because Ailsa is working on Good Friday.

Sally looks around the house for the Easter eggs even though it is a few days early. Tom returns home with two small fish!

The Barlows dress up to go to church.

Lynn has a hard time now since it is Easter. She has stopped believing in God a while ago but deep inside she seems to still believe in God.

Celia tries to convince Lynn to go to the church and Lynn gets angry.

Lynn comes to the church anyway but she isn’t sure if she will go inside. She sees the Barlows arriving at the church and she decides not to go instead.

Lynn tells Carly that the Easter traditions don’t mean anything to her anymore. Carly wants to test if she is serious and will make Lynn eat meat for dinner (you’re not supposed to eat meat on Good Friday if you believe in the traditions).

Sam is happy. He says he wants to paint Easter eggs with Sandra and Kelly. He then starts to tickle Sandra like a little kid and she gets angry. She tells him he is a pig and a drunk and that she wish he was dead. She then runs out of the house and her father tells her that she will cop it when she comes home.

Carly insists that Lynn has to eat the meat. After a while Lynn says she can’t. Carly says it is OK and understands it because deep down Lynn stills believes in the tradition. Carly tells her to stop listening to what other people think and that she should go to the church if she wants to.

Lynn decides to go to the church even though there is no more church service today. Tom will give her a lift to church.

Sandra comes screaming to Ailsa’s shop and tells her that she hates her father and that she does not want to live there anymore. They have a talk about it and Ailsa says there is not much they can do without proof. Sandra comes up with a strange idea and goes home. After a while Ailsa realises what she is up to. Sandra will go home to get hit by her father just so there will be evidence of what her father does to her.

Alf and Ailsa drive over to Sandra’s place in a hurry. Meanwhile, Sam has hit Sandra so hard that she is unconscious. He says he didn’t hit her so hard. Sam and Kelly try to get Sandra to regain consciousness.

Alf and Ailsa arrive and step in. They see Sandra lying on the floor. Sam says she fell from a chair. Ailsa calls an ambulance.

Lynn comes to the church and sits there alone for a long time. She gazes at the pictures of Jesus and says “thank you”.

Ola Carlsson, 1999

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