Episode 54

Australian Air Date: 31st March 1988
UK Air Date: 27th April 1989
Writer: Michael Joshua
Director: Mandy Smith

Lance and Martin pay a high price for silence as their scam is exposed.

Extended Summary

Pippa drives up to find Tom among the road workers. She finds him and tells him about the phone call from the Nutter.

Steven tells Sandra they got an A for the walkie-talkies they made in science project a while ago. Sandra is very happy.

Bobby criticises Fisher on why he marks her test papers himself. She sees what she got on a test and is very surprised. She got 73 percent on an English test.

Martin buys parsley in Ailsa’s store. Lance buys a lot of cigarette papers.

Steven and Sandra are going for a swim. They kiss after a while and Sally sees them. She teases them.

Sam Barlow apologises to his wife for acting the way he has been. He blames it on his job. He says he will change and he says he will go on a holiday with her and Sandra.

Lance and Martin are chopping parsley. When Bobby enters, Lance is quick to hide them!

Sandra tells her father that both Steven and herself got an A for the science project. She also explains that she didn’t do well on the history test. Her father gets angry and says it is because of all that time she spends with Steven. He cancels the plans about the holiday. He also says that she will have to stay in for a while to do school work.

Sandra tells her mother that her father will never change and that next time he causes trouble, she will run away.

Fisher talks to Ailsa about Bobby’s improvement in her school work. He says she has reminded him of why he became a teacher in the first place. He tells Ailsa he won’t resign. He also mentions to Ailsa that Bobby probably did well on test just to show him that she can do great work if she wants to. He says he will continue the “battle” with her so that she will keep up the good work!

Bobby tells Frank how well she did on the English test and that she did OK in the history test. She appreciates the fact that Frank is helping her with her study.

Frank and Bobby smell parsley at night because Lance and Martin is drying it in the oven again. Bobby remembers seeing Martin buying parsley today and that Lance bought a lot of cigarette papers. Frank and Bobby suspect they are up to something strange.

They sneak over to Lance and Martin’s caravan and Frank cons them into thinking it is the police that are outside their caravan! Martin and Lance get worried and hide the parsley and the cigarette papers. Frank and Bobby step in and tell Martin and Lance they know what they are up to. They threaten to dob them in if they don’t stop the plans to make fake dope.

Bobby makes Martin and Lance smoke a joint each of it and they feel very sick after smoking it!

The Easter holidays start.

Bobby tells Fisher it was good of him to give her a fair go at school. Fisher says he only gave her the mark that she deserved, no more, no less. Then he says (just to make her wanting to show him more of the good work and effort she put in) that she will surely drop back to her usual standards next term. She says she will show him and then she runs out. Fisher is pleased and smiles.

Ola Carlsson, 1999

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