Episode 53

Australian Air Date: 30th March 1988
UK Air Date: 26th April 1989
Writer: Michael Joshua
Director: Mandy Smith

Lance and Martin devise an illicit money-making scheme.

First appearance. Oversaw the Yr.12 mid-year Maths and History exams.

Extended Summary

Floss and Neville return to the caravan park. Sally and Pippa see them when they drive up into the park. Floss and Neville tell Pippa what has happened in the city.

Martin and Lance have dinner with the Fletchers. Tom tells them they will have to be in control during the school dance next week. He also warns them about the Nutter but Martin isn’t afraid of the Nutter.

Tom talks to Steven because he is upset over Sandra being angry with him for not helping her cheat during the school test earlier. Steven is worried that Sandra’s father will hit her again if she fails the test.

Lance and Martin come up with an idea to sell dope at the school dance! They decide it’s not a good idea to sell real dope so they will use parsley instead. They pick a lot of parsley on a field when they are out working with the road workers. Tom sees them picking parsley and is curious what as to what they want it for. They say it contains a lot of iron and they eat some to convince him that is why they’re picking parsley.

Sandra is still angry with Steven for the time when he didn’t help her cheat.

Bobby and her class have another test and she notices the teacher put Bobby’s test papers in a different place away from the rest of the students’ papers. Bobby thinks it is just because Fisher has it in for her.

Frank continues to help Bobby with her study. She is preparing for a history test.

Lance and Martin chop up the parsley they have picked earlier. Martin goes out for a while to get some food and Lance accidentally cuts his finger. He puts the parsley in the oven to dry it and he falls asleep. When Martin comes back, there is a lot of smoke coming from the oven in the caravan!

Steven waits in the corridor and approaches Sandra. They talk and they become friends again.

After the history test, Bobby notices the teacher singles out Bobby’s test papers again.

Lance and Martin pick more parsley and a dog comes running towards them it barks and scares them!

Pippa gets a phone call from the Nutter talking with a distorted voice so it is unrecognisable. He threatens her and says he will keep a lookout on the school dance.

Ola Carlsson, 1999