Episode 222

Australian Air Date: 22nd November 1988
UK Air Date: 19th December 1989
Writer: Greg Haddrick
Director: Chris Sheil

Pippa offers Frank some advice.

Thirty-ninth appearance, last seen in #219. Begged Lance for a Rolls Royce during the success of ‘Santa Never Stops in Summer Bay”

Extended Summary

Bobby talks to Pippa about her argument with Frank.

Lance has troubles as he promised Alison he will buy her a car.

Alison looks in a catalogue of classy cars, such as a Rolls Royce.

Martin hates the idea that Lance promised her a car.

Alf is out fishing. Roo talks to him. She knows he does not like David just because he is foreign. Roo and Alf both have an argument.

Lance drops into the shop to tell Alison he has bought a car for her and it is out at the front. Alison goes out but does not see the car. Lance picks a toy car and hands it to her. She gets angry and walks away.

Alf and Ailsa play Scrabble and discuss why he does not like the fact that both David and Roo have a relationship.

Pippa talks to Frank about his argument with Bobby.

Roo and Alf cease their arguing and he says she can be in a relationship with David if she wants to. He tells her it’s her decision.

Frank talks to Bobby. He says they have to sort out their arguments once and for all.

Lance tells Martin that he has solved all his problems. He tells him he have given all his money away! Martin is shocked and Lance is happy!

Ola Carlsson, 1999

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